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Trying to Surprise Your Spouse

It's hard work, and I'm running out of ideas.

Trying to surprise your spouse is hard work! Especially when they can figure out your every move. When you are busy with kids, work, and school along with hobbies such as blogging and photography, you forget to delete your history on your phone or say that your tablet is dead. Whatever the case may be, you get caught up in everything else that is going on around you and you slip up sometimes. I feel like I'm cheating and I'm trying to cover my tracks daily! 

Now my husband knows that I have a blog; however, he doesn't read them or anything like that. I would like to keep it that way. He knows that I'm doing something that I love and enjoy with sharing and reading what others have to say as well. He knows that blogging for me is an outlet to speak my truth and allows others to be as judgmental as they want to be, and they don't truly know who they are reading about. He knows when I've posted something new and kind of what it's about but he never reads them. I would again like to keep it that way. 

Now on to what I'm attempting to do here. He is a huge college football fan. He has been watching bowl games all day long. I pulled him away to eat our traditional New Year's dinner, and that was about all I got out of him today. His favorite team would be Ohio State, which were screwed out of the playoffs this year, but let's not get into that! He has cups, shirts, etc., for the team merchandise. He has been wanting to go and see them play, and this year they are playing TCU at the Cowboys Stadium. Given that we can get there in about three hours on a good day with traffic, I've planned to try to make enough money and save enough for a great trip there without him knowing really what is going on. He is always down for a road trip. Mainly because I do all the driving. He has vertigo and can't really drive far without getting headaches and everything that comes with it. 

I don't mind the driving at all. I actually enjoy it for the most part. Nothing like a bomb playlist and open roads to travel on. I want to be able to afford a great hotel room in the city. Somewhere around the stadium but also close to the life that the city gives at night time. Truly for him to be able to enjoy the game, the area and just all around relax would be great! He's worked so hard to keep a roof over our head and food on the table the past two years while I went to school and worked part-time or whatever. Now that I'm done with school for a few months, I wanted to take him to a moment of peace. No kids, just us and a hotel room with thick walls. 

I'm having trouble trying to get enough information from him based on some things that he would like to do and things. He caught me today looking up the schedule for the game. Since the tickets are not on sale yet, everything says TBA. I need times and dates, people! His birthday is in October, but we've already planned an event for the Poetry Slam in College Station. He's big into spoken word and everything, and that should be everything it has to offer and then some. So far, the game is scheduled for September 2018. If anyone has any thoughts on what I could do or know where to find a great deal on something for this, please let me know! I need suggestions. I want some good seats for the game too. Nothing in the nosebleed section at all. I want for him to get in the mix of the game and enjoy it! Get to sit next to a group of people that are diehard fans. Ones that can name off players and stats through the whole game. I need for him to have the ultimate experience with this.  

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Trying to Surprise Your Spouse
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