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Ultimate Guide to Romantic Gift Giving for Mother’s Day

Give the mother of your child a gift she really wants while avoiding the pitfalls of bad gift giving for Mother’s Day with this guide.

Mother’s Day is a holiday that makes most men with children a little bit nervous. When you’re a child, it’s easy to come up with gifts for your own mother, but for the mother of your children, it is a bit more challenging. There are a lot of spoken and unspoken rules about romantic gift giving for Mother’s Day—and it’s all too easy to mess things up.

Society tends to see Mother’s Day as a non-romantic holiday, even though most mothers want nothing more than to get a little extra relaxation and romance from their spouses. Most partners, too, want to do something extra nice for that special woman that made their family whole.

First of all, if someone tells you that you don't have to celebrate Mother's Day because she is not your mother, then they have never had children with a woman. She went through pregnancy and labor, not to mention sleeplessness and diaper changing. Even if she says don’t bother with getting her a gift, DO bother.

If you’re feeling a bit lost on what to get your lovely lady on Mother’s Day, [ENCLOSED]'s guide on romantic gift giving for Mother’s Day will give you all the advice you need. We’ll help you choose a gift that is decidedly different from one you would get your own mother, and one that will truly delight the mother of your children.

Romance is the name of the game in gifting your lady.

You want to make a point to show the woman you love that you still want to romance her. [ENCLOSED] has noticed that many women, after having children, start to worry about their spouses not finding them as attractive. Romance is crucial if you want to help her feel secure and strengthen your relationship to her.

Make the gift for the mother of your children NOT what you would get your mother.

The mother of your child does not want the kind of gifts that you’d give to YOUR mother—and really, why would she? The bond that you have with your mother is very different from what she has with you. (We hope!)

The mother of your child wants to know you still see her in a sexual light. Ideally, the gift that you give the mother of your kids will show her that you still want to keep the romance alive. She wants to feel attractive! Most dads go to the typical flowers or a kiddie-themed gift when they really should be venturing into something more romantic and upscale like a lingerie subscription from a luxury company like [ENCLOSED]

Make the gift for the mother of your children intimate and personal.

A gift really isn’t a gift if it isn’t personal. With the mother of your child, it’s important to make sure that your gift stands out from all the others and is something only you would give her. Her children will get her plenty of stuff, but even so, you need to show your own unique brand of appreciation for all she does for the family.

If your wife has been feeling very neglected, it’s possible that she may even get offended by a stereotypical gift. Intimacy and a very personal gift show you care and will make her remember all the reasons she loves you.

A gift that exceeds expectations is one she would not get herself.

The whole point of a Mother’s Day gift from you is to gift her with something she would never buy herself. After all, most people don’t really buy themselves the kinds of nice things that they’d offer up to others, right? Showering her with something luxurious and decadent will have the effect of taking her breath away.

Whether we’re talking romantic gift-giving for Mother’s Day or otherwise, quality will always matter. This is especially true with clothing, because cheap clothing will not look good, feel good, or stay in decent shape after the first couple of times you wear it.

If you’re trying to go for a romantic and sexy lingerie gift, make a point of going with a company that’s known for having great lingerie. Otherwise, the gift won’t have the impact it could have. Women can and will notice if you get them a cheap bra from Kmart, versus luxury lingerie from [ENCLOSED].

As Mother’s Day is all about her, this is the perfect opportunity to make her feel like your Queen. It’s okay if it is not a huge luxury sports car, but make sure it is something she wouldn’t get herself.

Consider taking a classic gift idea and giving it a twist.

Classic ideas like flowers and chocolates might backfire, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t a good start for something, right? In many cases, something that is classic became a classic because it worked. This is even true with the idea of gifting sexy lingerie to her.

A better idea would be to do something that’s a little bit different than most other ideas involving romantic gift giving for Mother’s Day, such as a subscription from [ENCLOSED]. This company offers the classic idea of giving a woman upscale lingerie and brings it to a new level by offering monthly subscription services, customized notes, and a beautiful box presentation.

Don’t make the Mother’s Day gift cheesy.

Most moms who get romantic Mother’s Day gifts from their husbands get a bunch of flowers. Some might also get chocolate or worse, a teddy bear, to go with them. This is a nice thought, but it’s been done. It may be a safe idea, but it’s definitely not something that will make her go “WOW!” nor make her feel like you have put any thought into it.

Put some thought into how you present your Mother’s Day gift to the mother of your children.

Presentation matters more than you think, even if you have good gift ideas. A homemade gift is nice, but what’s nicer is breakfast in bed. A hanger with a new bra is okay, but a nice black box with a beautiful set of ultra-luxe lingerie is way better. A gift card probably isn’t too wise, simply because it shows that you want her to choose her own present and she might not have time for that.

It’s okay to get slightly sensual or sexy with a gift—just don’t overdo it.

One thing most guys might be surprised about when it comes to romantic gift giving for Mother’s Day is how much flirtiness they can pack into a gift without it seeming in poor taste. Most moms honestly do want to know that they are still desirable at the end of the (Mother’s) day.

You’d be surprised at how many moms want a reminder that the men in their life see them as sexy. Giving them classy and tasteful lingerie and a nice romantic date away from the kids is often the best way to treat them on Mother’s Day. And yet, surprisingly few men do this. As long as you’re not giving them something trashy and sleazy, chances are that they’ll appreciate it a lot more than you’d expect.

Make the Mother’s Day gift something that is for her, but you can share together.

The mother of your child is someone who definitely misses that special alone time you two had before baby arrived—and that means that treating her to that experience once more will be appreciated. While a spa day is great, it’s better if you can do together. So get her a double massage and babysitter for next weekend.

While we aren’t saying give her something that is really for you, the father, we are saying make sure the gift is specific to your relationship. (Again, not something you would give your mother.) When it comes to gift-giving, think of presents that would make both of you smile. If it’s something like lingerie from [ENCLOSED], you both get to enjoy the romantic and visual aspects of it. (But note, no trashy low-end lingerie or you risk offending her.)

Pregnant for the first time? Yes, she is a mother.

If your wife is pregnant, she's a mother and it’s time to celebrate your first Mother’s Day. Don't wait until Junior is around to start celebrating. Carrying your child is a huge task and right now, she needs you to make her feel ready for the big day.

Pregnant women often feel like they are not attractive—and you should remind the mom-to-be that she is attractive and still desirable. [ENCLOSED] is a great way to show her that you still are into her and keep things romantic while you’re waiting to welcome your child into the world.

My wife is pregnant for the third time, still early though and I still want to get her something nice and a reminder she’s loved.
—Andrew M., Oak park, IL

Avoid giving her gifts that would somehow involve her working.

Moms are some of the most hardworking people you’ll ever meet. Taking care of kids, especially young ones, tends to be a 24/7 job. The last thing that you should do, if you’re trying to go the route of romantic gift-giving for Mother’s Day, is give her something that could increase the amount of work she does.

Keep an eye out for things that could increase the amount of time she has to do cleanup, or things that could end up making her work extra hard to keep kids calm. Whether it’s a glitter-filled card, the idea of taking the entire family camping, or anything else along those lines, you might want to think twice.

Moms want to relax. Let her relax. 

Whatever you do, don’t give her a “clueless dad” gift.

A lot of men tend to think something is romantic when it’s not, and at times, even other women make the same mistake. “Clueless dad” gifts, as they are called, are utilitarian gifts that seem like they’d be appreciated on a daily basis—but end up being as unromantic and insensitive as possible. It can happen with straight couples and lesbian couples alike during Mother’s Day—and it’s something that should be avoided at all costs.

Examples of clueless dad gifts include:

  • Aprons. Most clothing articles will count as romantic gift giving for Mother’s Day. This will not, because it’s basically telling her to cook you something.
  • Blenders/Food Processors/Vacuum Cleaners. She might want a new blender, but this will not do anything good for you if you give it on Mother’s Day. She’ll feel like you think you’re her maid rather than lover.
  • Bowling Balls. Leave sports things for another time. Dial up that romance, bro!

Do add a romantic note with your gift.

Thoughtful and loving notes mean a lot more than most guys realize. No matter what you’re choosing as the item you want to give her for Mother’s Day, you should add a note that shows her how you really feel about her. It doesn’t have to be long; it just has to be truthful, caring, and heartfelt.

Not sure what to say to her? Some of the past notes that came in [ENCLOSED] boxes could be the inspiration you need…

“Jess, for the beautiful mother of our children. You deserve nothing but the best. Thank for who you are and everything you do for us. LU! Josh”

—Joshua, Grand Island, Nebraska

“Nancy, to my beautiful wife, my love and lover, my best friend and wonderful mother to our children, Happy Mother's Day! Love, Scott”

—Scott, Suwanee, Georgia

Plan the day.

Most moms are always the ones in charge of planning. They’re the ones who figure out how to get the kids to school, how to make the budget work for the end of the month, and how to ensure that everyone has the gear they need in order to keep themselves sane. They’re the planners and the doers.

The mother of your child works hard every single day. The last thing that she wants to have to do is plan out Mother’s Day, too. Do her a favor and plan things out for her.

Though Mother’s Day is all about mom, it’s important to remember she’s a woman first.

The biggest mistake a lot of men make when they’re shopping around for Mother’s Day gifts is to assume that moms want to spend that day with the kids. This is a pretty bad mistake, especially if the mama in question is a stay-at-home-mom or the proud mom of a couple of kids under 3.

The mom in question might love her kids, but chances are that she really wishes she could take a break and relax a bit. She might want to hang out with a fellow adult (you) and feel like a grown woman rather than a glorified babysitter. Presents alone can’t always offer that.

As such, it’s important to choose Mother’s Day activities that let her blow off some steam and live life as herself without having to worry about the kids. Sometimes, the very best gift you can give her is to let the kids spend some time with Grandma and Grandpa. 

Gifts that keep on giving are always a safe bet, too.

Mother’s Day comes only once a year, but doesn’t she deserve more than a single day to celebrate all she does for the family? Of course she does. If you really want to set yourself apart from other men who are doing romantic gift giving for Mother’s Day, then make a point to give gifts that keep giving far into the future.

A subscription box of sexy lingerie from [ENCLOSED] is a good way to give her a monthly thanks for being the best mom she can be. On a similar note, getting a babysitter for a once-per-month date night can also prove to be an amazing way to show her you care.

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Ultimate Guide to Romantic Gift Giving for Mother’s Day
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