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Unexpected Path

When You Didn't See it Coming

It's fun to see how life is strange sometimes. It let you think that things will go easy breezy and that you WILL find stability, love and peace. 

Isn't what we all try to reach? A happy and meaningful life. Achieved things. Be recognized for what we did no matter what it is?

The only thing that is fairly different is the objective of everybody. While some go for money and careers, others prefers to seek for the love of their life to have a family. Sometimes both.

This is the principal reason why humans are so special. Because everyone is different and don't want the same thing. But when we talk about to be different on what we want, there's even more differences on how we react to different situation. That is particularly interesting when we enter in the relationship part of humanity.

Where the magic happens, in the territory of love where even the darkest person can feel vulnerable. Love that is sometimes easy and cute and horrifying and hurtful in the other hand. Maybe we just have to wish and focus on the easy and cute part?

That it will be simple. But it is never when is question of human relation, love, friendship. That's why it's so precious.

That's why even the weirdest experience can be helpful in your path.

Because let's be honest, it's rarely that simple. If someone had told me that someday I would share a 3 piece home with my ex boyfriend AND my actual fiancé I would have probably sent you to... and laugh a lot in your face! Let's be real. That is a weird, strange and totally “patience-work” arrangement.

Two really different people who each gave me different lesson in life.

From now on, I'm living with both of them who weirdly seems to get along pretty well! (That's a luck because my ex is pretty egocentric and not a very social person.)

I have two dogs and two cats for myself and the ex boyfriend recently got a puppy (which is very gentle but makes my POMERANIAN bark all the time...really...ALL THE TIME!)

So you can imagine how a typical day can be full of surprises and turns. But seeing my boyfriend and recently fiancé be there and keep his calm and positivism forces me to think about the way we treat past relation in 2017.

If somehow you are in a “strange to explain” relation, like living with your ex or dealing with the kids of your new love, try to get the best out of it. Try to enjoy living a human experiment and unique human relation.

Try to embrace the weirdness of humanity and enjoy every day of your life with no matter who and where, at least you are happy!

We are in an era of change, but maybe we are beginning to change partners like we change our underwear? Maybe we are even changing our situation for a less gratifying one just to push peoples we don't want close to us from now on. But try to think differently. Try to see the relation in your life with a little bit more humor. Isn't funny that now you have to deal with something you don't really know how to? You'll have to learn things and that is NEVER a waste. Even when everything makes you feel like the life is having a good laugh at you!

Finally, who am I to give someone a lesson of life when I am the first anxious, stressed little girl of the bunch. I will only say that even with all the differences existing between humans, I'm sure that someone else feels like me at the huge amount of people on this beautiful earth.

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Unexpected Path
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