Shauna Campbell
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Waiting for You My Love

Two Pieces of One Puzzle

Missing you every second of every day. When I thought I was over you, then there you were popping up in my mind all over again.

My heart gets weak for you. I’m a mess whenever I think of you. I want to share my life with you. I would love to enjoy your company endlessly.

Here I am waiting for you to appreciate me. Here I am waiting for those blind eyes to be open, and for you to see how special I am.

I know one day you will realize, but one day seems so far away. Who knows if you will come to your senses tomorrow, next week, or a year or two from now. Even though it may seem so long I will still continue to wait on you. With my heart ready and willing to connect with you again, and my arms wide open to embrace you. I wait with the confidence that you will wake up from your slumber and you will realize how important I am to you.

Realize my love for you is true.

Realize how no one else could ever love you the way that I do.

Realize how much we are meant for each other.

Our hearts fit together perfectly like they are pieces of the same puzzle.

One day you will realize that all this playing around and searching was all a waste of time because all you ever needed and wanted was always right before your eyes.

I know we had some hard days but we have had some incredible days, too. Those kind of days that make your heart flutter. Those days where you are inseparable. I appreciate each and every moment we shared whether they be good or bad because I know in my heart you are my king and will forever be your queen.

I will allow you to make your mistakes and allow to run wild. I won't fit it, NO! I won't fit at all because deep down in my heart I know you will find your way back to me. I have no doubt in my mind and I don't question the plan that God has for the both of us.

Before he formed us in our mothers' wombs, he had planned for us to connect. He had planned for us to be something special. For our love to be a force that is unstoppable, unmovable, and a bond that won't ever break.

So no matter how far apart our hearts may wonder from each other; our love will one day reconnect.

No matter how far you try and run or hide from someone that you are meant to be with; you will eventually find yourself falling.

Falling deeper and deeper in love with them. To the point where you can barely contain it. To a point where no matter how hard you tried you just could not explain the feeling that you feel inside.

You will eventually know in your heart that the one you have been searching for was right here all along. You will know why it never worked with anyone else because they were not your perfect fit.

Until that very day comes where you will come knocking at my door. I will continue to wait for you.

With my arms open wide and my heart ready to love you.

I will always be here for you. No matter how far apart our love story may take us. I know one day it will all work out the way God had ordained it.

So until then my love.

I will continue to be here.


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Waiting for You My Love
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