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Want to Date Your Dream Girl?

6 Ways to Get a Date with Her

Ok guys-has this ever happened to you? You meet a gorgeous, intelligent girl. You think, she's perfect for me. And you're perfect for her! But something creeps inside of you and you start to feel insecure. You think that maybe she's too good for you, and maybe you're not good enough for her. You start to wonder: How do I land this girl? Well I'm here to tell you. There is a strategy!  

Be Her Friend First

Some of the best relationships start off with a solid friendship first. I've heard countless women tell me that they married their best friend. By being just her friend first, for as long as it takes, builds trust!

A lot of times if a woman trusts you as a friend, she will tell you things that she wouldn't tell a guy that she's dating.

WAIT To Make a Move

That means, NO sexual advances towards her, AT ALL. Now this is a great strategy because it builds trust between the two of you. It will make her feel valued as a human being and it conveys to her that you enjoy her company-whether or not you guys end up in bed. The longer you WAIT to make a move, the more she's going to be left wondering: what's going on? I know he likes me. Why hasn't he made a move yet?

ALWAYS Be a Gentleman

That means opening doors for her and insisting that you pay for everything. Listen, even if she insists on splitting the check with you, don't let her take out her wallet, EVER. Women are really independent these days, we run our own companies, we raise babies on our own. But deep down inside every woman is that desire to feel taken care of. If you insist on always being a gentleman, the woman that you're with can't help but feel cared for. Over time, she just might see you as a potential partner, where she didn't before.

Be Romantic!

Don't be afraid to buy her flowers or send her gifts. I know this stuff seems super sappy but guess what!? IT actually WORKS!

Don't Come On TOO Strong

Remember the basic human psychology of wanting what we can't have. You've done all the things above and now is the time to back off a little bit. You don't want to be too accessible and you want to leave her wondering. 

Remember That She's Not Perfect Either!

Keep in mind that she is flawed just like everyone else. Remembering that she is only human can kind of level the playing field for you. It will make you feel less insecure. 

So what are you waiting for? YOU'VE GOT NOTHING TO LOSE-go for it!

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Want to Date Your Dream Girl?
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