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What Do You Do if They Aren't Calling (or Texting)?

Tips to Get Out of the Grey Area

We've all been there. You had a first date with someone and it exceeded all of your expectations. You may have even slept together, which was just the cherry on top. The next day there's still a leftover high of the night before, but what do you do when they aren't phoning back? You can't stop playing the night on repeat in your head, wondering what you did wrong. Here are some tips to get out of that grey area with that 10/10 date you just had:

1. Keep yourself busy.

There's nothing worse than sitting around all day on your phone just waiting for the person to text or call you back. Don't be that person. Get out of the house, go grocery shopping, and get together with your friends. The more you look at your phone the more psychotic you'll get about the whole situation. Over thinking is inevitable, sure, but keeping yourself busy will certainly help keep your mind off of the night you just had. 

2. See other people.

Don't put all your eggs in one basket. In other words, don't assume this person who you find so amazing feels the same way towards you. I know, it's harsh. It is important to recognize this fact, though. Go out and meet other people because first, it will help you with tip number one. Second, it'll give you a chance to meet people who finds you amazing and attractive which will boost your confidence and in turn, make it easier to get over the one that got away. You can still keep them in the back of your mind. Just don't reserve a spot for them in your life until you know they feel the same way and show it with words and actions.

3. Contact them.

I know, it's unheard of. Nobody wants to be the one to put on their big kid panties and make the first move, but somebody has to at some point. Chances are, if the other person felt the same about you, then they are probably waiting for you to contact them because they have a fear of scaring you away. Wow, crazy!! That's probably exactly how you feel. If you really think there's something there then CALL THEM or text them. Whatever your heart desires. What do you say? Simple. Tell them exactly what you're feeling: that you had a great night with them and you can see it going somewhere. You've got nothing to lose, right? ;)

4. Don't romanticize the night you had.

So it's been a while since you have even been on a date, let alone one this good. Maybe you were single for a while or maybe you just got out of a long-term relationship. It's easy to think something went great when you have nothing to compare it to. Or worse, you just have a shitty ex to compare them to. Re-evaluate your standards and make sure they actually are a great person, not just a little better than what you're used to. Don't settle!! You deserve the world.

Whatever your situation is, just remember that it isn't necessary to stop this ever-revolving world for someone who might be the one, if that's something you believe in. Everything happens for a reason so if this person ends up not calling, just keep in mind that something extraordinary is waiting just around the corner for you. However, make sure your happiness is not dependant on another person. If you keep thinking happiness will be in the next person, job, or destination, you will never be truly happy in yourself. You make your own happiness.

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What Do You Do if They Aren't Calling (or Texting)?
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