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What I Am Thankful For

And Always Will be Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving!

So as per Thanksgiving tradition I want to say what I am thankful for since I now have more than enough to be thankful for. 

So here goes:

The first thing I am thankful for is my health. At the end of the day that's all you really have. I have been blessed and fortunate enough to not have any major health issues. I have recently turned over a new leaf and started taking my health a little more serious. I am slowing down for the winter but once the new year hits I am going to get back on track and start getting serious again. So that's the biggest thing I am thankful for. 

I am thankful for my job. Since I was switched over to Pre-K I have had a new lease on life. I come home tired but I come home tired and happy instead of stressed. I have 18 reasons now why I get up in the morning and those 18 reasons are my students. I love each and every one of them like they were my own and I'm going to hate seeing them go to Kindergarten next year when they leave me, but kids get older and that is something that comes with teaching. You get to teach them for a short amount of time then watch them grow up as they move up in grades. But each hug I get from my students makes me happy and makes me thankful that I am their teacher. Along with my job I have been given the best work mom(s) I could ever ask for! I love my mom and we talk about everything, but with my work moms I can make jokes that they love that my mother would yell at me for. So I am thankful for them that I can joke around with them and have that mother-daughter relationship...especially when people at work get on my nerves. 

I am thankful for my family. They have been a great support system since Adam enlisted and is now 12 hours away. It's been difficult being by myself but I am so thankful that my family has been there for me for every teary phone call, every holiday he's missed so far being stationed so far away and the first birthday of mine that he's missed in six years. My mom and grandmother have been my shoulders to cry on and I can't thank them enough for being there. There have also been a few friends who have been there for me and I can't thank them enough. I have had a great support system since I became a military wife and I cannot express how thankful and grateful that I have them. I have some former military wives at work and they have been helping me get through this. 

I am thankful for Lucy. Since Adam left, she has been my constant companion when I am home and is basically my shadow. She sleeps with me every night and stays awake until I fall asleep to make sure I am safe. She's there when I get emotional and is always wanting to cuddle. On her time that is. But nonetheless she is my sweetheart, my love and will always be my first child no matter what anyone says. She will always be my first born. She may be a pain in my behind but she is my baby. 

And lastly I am thankful for my husband. Now that he's not here on a daily basis I appreciate him so much more. Like to reach things on a high shelf. Or to have someone hold me after a bad day at work. Or just to lay on someone because I'm tired and I just need love and cuddles. I don't have that anymore. The best I have is a pillow. Comfortable but doesn't provide the intimacy that I want or need. I miss him so much. I'm thankful for his love and big heart, but also thankful that he has been a wonderful provider for me and Lucy event though he's not here. I love him, miss him and so thankful for him. And I can't wait to see him again.

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Alix Nicole
Alix Nicole

24 year old doggy mommy to an an adorable 2 year old Shiba Inu named Lucy. Loves history, loves to write and relax while enjoying a nice cup of coffee. 

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What I Am Thankful For
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