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What Makes the Life Unreal?

Chapter 1 - Selfishness

I used to believe life was a game that we were born to play and win. I believed that winners should live with other winners and losers with the other losers. But guess what? Life's not a game and nobody ever wins at it.

I used to play until my last card was stolen and then I cried until I got sick about it; I wanted to win at life! I wanted to dominate and destroy, I wanted to control and fight, I needed to survive among these wolves while I was just a tiny sheep and I did it! I survived. I was tired and broken at the end of the road; I was damaged and ready to give up. The fight we have to deal with during the time of living is hard and destroys bit by bit until it finishes you. Whenever you're ready to give up it takes you back in the ring and forces you to fight and deal with it; there are not many options. You have to be tough and if you're not you have to become tough. I haven't seen one single fish among the strong ones; all I've seen were sharks ready to bite.

Here is where the story starts... Long time ago, I used to be a tiny golden fish who used to help the poor, the needy, and the weak until the first shark started to swim in the same ocean I used to live...

Every single human being feels the need to have someone next to him at the point where they feel alone or tired and damaged but guess what? That's the point where they actually get all alone and that damages and destroys the innocence and the honesty in a human being. Being alone destroys bit by bit and the worst is when you are next to someone who makes you feel even more alone than you actually are just because you were expecting him or her to be next to you at that particular moment—at the exact moment when you needed them but they were too focused on whatever they needed, so not ready to care for you.

I had the chance to feel that and I understood that people actually care only if they get something from it. Otherwise you're alone—you're coming to this earth alone and then you just go alone. The idea of living next to so many people is an illusion. Life is unreal.

Imagine yourself in a situation where after death is eternal life; where you could pay for all your sins and get rewards for all the good things you've done in your life. Then once you look at the life you've lived you could see that being selfish was one of the most chosen options you had. You were selfish when you had needy people around you, you were selfish when you had hungry people around you, you were selfish when you got the best seat even if someone else actually needed it, and you were selfish most of the times when you could have chosen not to be. Now your selfishness wants the same thing—the best spot in Heaven. Well, you can be as selfish as you want in this life but what about the rest of the people that needed your help or just needed you!? You won't have the chance to be selfish once this world ends, love; what you live here is an illusion so you might as well just be nice. 

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What Makes the Life Unreal?
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