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What Men Hate About Relationships

Relationships are like a two-way street, you and your partner both need to give and receive.

What do men hate most when they are in a relationship with someone? It pretty much depends on who the man is with. If the women is self-sufficient and confident in everything she does, than the man is pretty darn happy with who he is with. On the other hand, if he is in a relationship with someone who is always checking in with him to see what he is up to and nags at him constantly about everything, chances are he's miserable in that relationship.

Relationships are like a two-way street, you and your partner both need to give and receive which requires the ability to open up to each other, to be honest with each other, and it requires plenty of communication. Of course, well if you are in a relationship with a total prick, then he is not going to be happy in a relationship no matter how hard you try to please him.

The following are things all men hate about being in a relationship. They are all common complaints that can be easily remedied with a slight attitude change on the girl's part.

First you need to ask yourself one question, is it worth changing yourself for a man or even a relationship? Or even look inside yourself and ask, should I change for the better of myself? I believe it is. I believe you should give yourself the confidence and the ability to control who you want to be in a relationship, not for anyone else to define it for you.

The one thing that men hate about relationships is hating to beg to be with his friends. All men have to have that "Guy Time" as they say.  Men shouldn't have to beg their spouse or girlfriend to go out every once in while to hang out with the guys and then feel guilty about doing it. 

I'm not talking about the guy time where he insists on hanging out with the guys every single night. I'm talking about the guy that needs to unwind with his friends and not feel trapped at home every day. If you do stop him, he's going to resent you for it and possibly end the relationship with you. So, ladies, calm down a bit and let your men have some guy time.

Men also hate tons of drama! Yes, ladies, I said it! Are you always screaming and hollering about everything? Are you constantly getting upset about little things? Yes, that will do it. Men hate when a woman that they thought they knew turns out to be a diva queen. Men just don't like that kind of "excitement" in their lives.  In my own opinion, these women think of themselves of queen on Earth, and they can't have a relationship last more than a couple weeks all because they couldn't put down the tiara. If you want the drama, then you got to make a choice. Do you want to lose your man over it or do you just want to suck it up and deal with it? Leave the negative attitude at the door they would say! Take control of your life and rebuild it as they say! Don't let drama rule your life.

The exes! Men and women both hate the subject about talking about them. You might think about talking about your ex boyfriend is being honest and sincere, but wrong-o! Most men don't want to hear about your past relationships, it's a total mood killer in their opinion!

For opinion let's say your boyfriend decides to take you to a lovely movie and decides to buy you lots of snacks and you decide to return with telling him how your ex took you to the same movie theater. You think he wants to hear about that? Ever notice he ends up growing silent because of this? Stop bringing it up! He probably began to get pissed with you right? That is because you ruined his special moment with you and probably is putting the pieces together by thinking your comparing your ex to him! Not all men are the same you know?

The spying on his phone while he is sleeping or not looking! Yes women, guess what? They hate that too, because they think you do not trust them or even simply, you may just lose one of the nicest and good guys around because you wanted to peep on their phone. If you feel as if your man is unfaithful in your relationship, here is my opinion; get out of it! If you think he is cheating, then leave! You women deserve better than that. There is no reason to gather evidence and then show it to them because they already know they're doing it! If the man has never given you a reason to distrust him, why start now right?

Have you ever had to give up something you love for you significant other all because they do not like it? Well how does that make you feel? We are all humans and we all have our little bits of happiness in something, even if its a sport, drawling, etc. There is no reason you or your other should give up anything that you enjoy with a passion. 

I always hate when I have to wait around for someone when they say they are going to be there at a certain time and then don't end up being somewhere till hours later. Don't you? Do you think it's disrespectful to the other person? I do.  Many men are the same way, they don't want to constantly wait on you if you are always late for everything. They also don't want to wait around to watch you doll yourself up for hours and fix your hair. Let's just say get it done beforehand so no one has to wait.

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What Men Hate About Relationships
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