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What to Say to Her...

First Girl I Approached on Campus

Early first semester, thoughts of talking to any girl, still blurry.

The weather was cloudy after lunchtime, and fortunately me and my Tswana friend Donald were done attending for the day.

There came Donald's ex-high school mate approaching, where we were sitting. She is dark chocolate skinned, fine skin tone. Cute cheeks and a 'w' marked chin, hang shaped nose and wide beautiful eyes. She had black braids and slanting hairline. She was wearing a jacket with a pair of jeans and small boots, sophisticated shit, how Donald would put it.

She sat behind our backs, Donald turned around and they spoke—in Tswana. I was busy with my school work (acting all dedicated) constantly checking my phone and putting it back to the plain spot, making sure she sees the Galaxy S8 I'm carrying.

Expectedly, while they were talking my friend turned to me and asked, "which one is beautiful between her (pointing his ex-school mate) and her (pointing some girl on a phone).

I replied, intentionally genuine. I pointed the white girl.

I used the technique—that I had not yet learnt about at that time—of lowering her (any beautiful girl you want to flirt with's) self-esteem to a level that you'd actually have a chance with her. Auspiciously, it worked, I saw it in her face she felt a little less, which proved me as not just some other guy, but a guy who's point of view matters.

I then continued with my work and let them with their conversation.

In my mind all along, I'm busy plotting, putting together words and grammar, If by any chance (of which they were few), I'd pursue her.

Despite what to say, one of the worries was how to say it. She's a Tswana and I'm a Zulu, with one year university experience and unfortunately surrounded by Zulus and Xhosas. We have to communicate in English, I have to flirt in English, help me Father.

Time passed and she took off eventually, without me saying another word beside abnegating her of her own beauty compared to that of a white girl, who wasn't more beautiful than her. She left and few minutes later Donald left also. I was sitting there waiting for my bus to res.

There comes her, from behind going for a bin in front of me where she threw a small tissue, yes nothing much but a tissue.

I said to myself, you can't be that stupid, do something now, will you!

I asked, "Hey you still around?"

"Yeah but I'm leaving now," she said.

"Okay please wait for me to clear this up so we'll leave together."

She did. I packed and we took off.

"So Donald didn't even introduce you to me, by the way I'm Kay," I started the conversation, she smiled then replied:

"Yeah, I'm Katlego."

"Seems like Donald went with beautiful girls in school."

"Come on," she giggled.

"Seriously you are beautiful." Damn, I'm not a good complementer.

"Thank you, you also handsome," she said, and I blushed a little. When last was I complemented in person.

We talked a little entering student centre (school shop centre).

I checked the clock, and I was running late for my business. I told her, and asked for her numbers. She took my phone and punched them. That was at the center of student centre. I felt awesome getting numbers of a beautiful girl in front of a lot of students.

I bid her goodbye and went for my bus. I felt like flying, I didn't know I can be so cool with the Game. For some reasons, my English is very fluent when I'm speaking with girls.

I couldn't wait to tell Donald and my roommate about this victory. Well the victory is not getting numbers, it's actually being able to talk to her! 😂😂

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What to Say to Her...
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