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When He Breaks Your Heart... Again

How to Dodge His Pesky Tricks and Notice Your Self-worth

Well, he's done it again. He found a way to get back in your heart and to trick you into believing "he's changed." Now, you're sitting at home, sad and heartbroken for the millionth time, and asking yourself if there's something wrong with you. Stop!! The only thing that's wrong with yo, is that you let him get in your head, AGAIN. Don't beat yourself up, though, it's your time to shine. Showing him you're hurt will only show him that he still has control over your heart and your feelings. What I want you to do instead is to look in the mirror and look at how beautiful and amazing you are. Your eyes are bright, your hair is great, and you have a smile that can light up a room. Good, now that you see your outer beauty, let's talk about your inner beauty. What are a couple things that you love about yourself? Are you caring, generous, polite? Are you driven, motivated, or hard working? Once you've noticed your inner and outer beauty, you're ready to make your statement. Call up some friends, make some plans, and open up your closet. Make tonight the first night of the new you. Put on something great, spritz on your favorite perfume, and do something new to your hair. Wear makeup if you'd like, too. I know you're probably thinking, "What's this going to help with?" It helps by getting your mind off him, by giving you a well needed time out with your friends, and it helps by giving you an opportunity to learn more about yourself without the distraction of your idiot ex-boyfriend. If he calls while you're out, don't pick up the phone!! No texts, no calls, no excuses. You don't need him. Avoid his lies and his tricks to get back with you. He knows if he says or does a certain thing, you'll go right back to him. So don't give him the satisfaction. Make him see you don't need him or his lies. You deserve to laugh and be happy, you deserve love, and you deserve to shine brighter than you ever have. 

Tips to Help You Stay Focused:

  1. Remind yourself of how bad he made you feel.
  2. Exercise; it's great for distraction and for your health.
  3. Find a new hobby. You can learn a new language, take up a class, or reconnect with something you used to love doing.
  4. Get out as much as you can. The more you stay distracted, the better you'll feel.
  5. If your ex tries to weasel his way back in, shoot down his attempts. Let him feel useless. He will be confused as to why his crappy excuses aren't working. 
  6. Visit family. Family is great when you're going through matters of the heart. Pick a family member, or a few, who you know would be a great support for you.
  7. Don't look back. Box up and throw away/donate anything he gave you. This can be old sweaters, shirts, or pants. Hide old pictures or burn them if you really don't want to see his face. This is what I like to call the "ex-boyfriend cleansing."
  8. Block his number!! If you know you won't be able to ignore his calls or texts, block his number. Get it out of the way. You'll feel way better. 

The right guy will always find you, and you'll know when it happens. So stop looking!! Give up the ex, make some new friends, and be fully, comfortably happy with YOU. Shine on, ladies!! 

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Virginia Fuentes
Virginia Fuentes

Hello! I am a mom to a little boy, an avid reader, and a lover of all things that make myself and others happy. Writing is the best way to express my feelings on life, love, and anything I'm passionate about. Hope you enjoy!! 

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When He Breaks Your Heart... Again
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