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When I Dated a Rock Star

What is it like?

Schecter Guitars

One night in LA my current boyfriend at the time and myself drove out to a local alternative club on Cherokee Ave. It's mostly an underground scene for a certain type of crowd. He was DJing that night. My boyfriend went to grab me a drink from the bar as we arrived. I watched all the people enjoying themselves on the dance floor. I saw him he was playing a personal set on his mac. We walked around and checked out the different things going on at the club that night. Later on things were finishing up. He was packing up his set. I walked up and introduced myself. He asked if that was my boyfriend. I said yes. I got the vibe that he was in fact interested in me. He gave me his phone number. We headed back home. When I got back to my apartment all I could think about was how awesome that was. Was he hitting on me? I have a boyfriend. I do consider the possibilities. 

A few months later my boyfriend and I didn't work out. I decided to call him. He was pleased to hear from me. He said I should come out to Burbank sometime to see his recording studio. I said that would be nice. We kept in touch and one night he asked me to come out to Fetish club in LA. where he was guest DJing. Suicide Girls were there, companies like Schecter Guitar promoting. Art dealers selling their merch. I had arrived late due to car trouble and I apologized. It didn't keep the night from being enjoyed. His set was about to go on. So he asked me to sit on stage and watch him. Out of all the ladies there he was so interested in me. Asking me questions about my life: He wanted me to get up and dance with the other models. I declined. I was shy about the fact that I was out with him. During his set lots of fans threw roses and underwear. Lots of things to show their appreciation and admiration. He kept looking back, even handed me a rose. He was trying to impress me. It was working. 

Later he gave me one of his rings that he was wearing to wear during our relationship. We went back to his place later. We watched movies and talked about things. He even gave me a guitar as a keepsake. I enjoyed the time we spent. A few months later I was helping him unpack his guitar equipment for a show in San Diego. I was taking photos backstage for him at this point in our relationship. Girls were shouting and flashing during the show. The band members seemed to enjoy the reactions they were getting. After we went back to his hotel room. We decided to go for a swim in the jacuzzi. He told me in a few months they were going on tour and asked me if I could go. He knew I was a full time mom. I could not meet the demands of the road. I also had my own life at home. I could not just give up everything to be with him. Some women would have in a second. I chose differently. He did end up going on tour. We kept in touch and somewhere we lost contact. Life has a tendency of doing that. It truly was an amazing experience. He treated like a queen. It felt like a dream. 

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When I Dated a Rock Star
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