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When Should You Go to Couples Therapy?

If you are going through the following, you should consider therapy.

Every couple has their disagreements, but some relationship issues require a little extra help. It can certainly be difficult to admit you need help, but doing so can make your partnership stronger than ever. By finding a couples therapist that you trust, you can learn tools to manage conflicts, and move through challenging times together.

Even if you have a hunch that couples therapy could be beneficial, you might be hesitant to take the leap. But if you and your partner find yourselves in any of the following situations, you might consider making the appointment sooner rather than later.

You’re struggling to communicate.

When you and your partner are experiencing a conflict, or difficult life transition, you might not be seeing eye to eye. This can lead to communication challenges. You might not feel heard, and you could be misunderstanding what your partner is trying to say. And in some cases, you might not be speaking at all.

A couples counselor can act as a mediator, helping you, and your partner open up channels of communication again. Over time, you can build up tools to effectively express what you’re feeling, and actively listen to your partner.

Arguments are becoming more frequent.

All couples have squabbles from time to time, but it’s important to know when these become too severe. If your arguments are starting to interfere with your everyday life, or take over your mood, it might be time to see a couples therapist.

This is especially true if you’re having the same argument over and over again. Your therapist can help you get to the root of the issue, and sharpen your conflict resolution skills. They can also mediate any tiffs that come up during your sessions.

Trust is broken.

Trust is the foundation of any relationship, so it can feel like your partnership is failing when trust is broken. Whether one of you cheated, or went behind the other’s back financially, a couple’s therapist can help you work through the situation.

In the case of an affair, your counselor can help you process your emotions, and dig into the context of the situation. If you would like to move on from the situation, these sessions can help you do so constructively.

You’ve experienced a tragedy.

You and your partner have been through joyful and challenging times together, but some events can be difficult to work through. Tragedies like the death of a loved one, financial debt, a car accident, or a miscarriage can put a strain on your relationship.

Your couples counselor can help you process your emotions, and better support each other through these difficult times. If the situation is putting a strain on your mental health, they may also recommend that you each see individual therapists, as well.

You’re approaching a milestone.

You don’t need to be facing challenging times to see a couple’s therapist. Your counselor can help you prepare for a life transition like marriage, retirement, or becoming parents. They can ensure that your communication skills are sharp.

You can also work together to identify your expectations and concerns for the transition. And if any conflict comes up during the milestone, you have your couples therapist on your side to help you through it.

Whether you’re experiencing conflicts in your relationship, or you’re ready to take the next step, a couples therapist can be an excellent resource for you, and your partner. Don’t hesitate to do thorough research to find a therapist who matches your needs and values. From NYC therapy to San Francisco counseling centers, there are a wide variety of therapists available to help your relationship thrive.

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When Should You Go to Couples Therapy?
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