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Who Are You, Really?

Society's Labels & the Construct of Human Consciousness

Every day we are confronted with labels that are meant to identify us, putting us into categories of acceptance for peer groups, job applications, family recognition, and social status. 

Parent, daughter, son, best friend, gay, straight, crafty, lazy, athletic, pothead, Republican, Democrat, alternative, etc...

Labels formed out of comfort for a society that would rather have a label stamped on your forehead for identification so they can SPOT you. Yet these labels have been shown to put limits on the persistence of development while stunting the mind into warding off progression for many through education, spirituality, self discovery, sexual liberation, and so much more. 

Society tells us we can't be everything. 

The government tells us we can't be everything (at least not legally through right).

Media tells us we can't be everything. 


We believe if we're a mom we can't be a CEO or a sexual being or on the cusp of self discovery in any sense...We're told this from a young age. 

"No. You're a mom. You raise, feed and rear your children. You gave up all rights to you when you birthed your children." 

We believe if we are single we are not to enjoy it. We're taught to strive for companionship. Being alone is wrong and weird. It's met with an inquisition of questions from family and friends, because they love us, right? "Don't you have a girlfriend yet?" "You really should try to put yourself out there... You know your eggs won't last forever." "Don't you one day want to have a child?" (GASP)

Ultimately, we believe that, if we have a given title, that we must mold to hold it up. In a sense of false pride. A sense of "This is my tribe. These are my people." 

But do any of us really have a "tribe?" Do any of us, when we really step back to look at who we are past labeling, know where we belong? When the day is over and you no longer have to hold the title of a job, religion,  sexual orientation, family placement, lifestyle...retreating into your pajamas and your own thoughts, WHO ARE YOU, REALLY?  

None of us should simply be able to be defined by one label, so why allow your life to be defined by a label for social and society'scomfort? Why say "this is who I am by this definition" when you can be everything and anything you want without falling into category of comfort??

Through science, we are making more advancements in Psychological and Metaphysical study to identify human behavior, environmental interaction, and plain brain capacity within everyday life. It's being learned more through human study that humans are vastly more complex in emotion, intuition, and conscious perception, than credited before. We are being granted the knowledge and scientific affirmation that we are naturally sexual beings with a nature to strive, to question our own existence and purpose past the construct of perpetual society boundaries. 

This is your pass!! Regardless of governed society glare and stance, we are being handed a right to self discovery that generations before were not. We are being given the knowledge that humans are a being made up of the same construct as all other beasts that roam the earth, but with the mental capacity to hone and reel in our instincts, perceptions of morality, and the distinction of energy/life WITH the cerebral capacity to understand it all while accepting it and driving for more.

This isn't something we didn't know. 

BUT it is something we have, for generations, refused to accept.  

So now is your chance. Do you stand and accept the stamp placed on your forehead by your neighbors, your family, your friends, your boss, etc... Or do you step up to the plate of society construct and question everything you've been told you should be?

Having a label is safe. Being able to identify as something is a safety net for questions asked by people who don't even know you. BUT what about being able to be everything and identify as just you?

Who are you... REALLY?

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Who Are You, Really?
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