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Why Do People Cheat?

Why do people ruin what they have by cheating?

For decades, there have been studies conducted all over the world trying to establish the most accurate percentage of the married population that cheat on their spouse. And although all studies show a slightly different number, the average is around 60% of men and 45% of women that cheat on their spouse. So why do people do this? Why do people who have taken a vow to love one person, break it? And did they ever really intend to keep it?

Sex and Cheating

According to studies, sex-related complications are the most common factors that might cause someone to cheat. There were many sex-related reasons given, but the most common were:

  • Not having sex often enough
  • Sex not being satisfying
  • Lack of adventure/boring sex life

Some people may try to alleviate these problems by working on them, but some simply turned to someone else and cheated in order to satisfy their sexual desires. A lack of sexual satisfaction is a strong factor for many people and is often enough to cause a break up of even an otherwise happy marriage.

Emotional Intimacy and Cheating

Emotional intimacy was perceived as almost as important as sexual intimacy with married people. Many people stated that their spouse was emotionally unavailable or cold. The emotional intimacy spectrum is a large one and it ranged from small problems such as the spouse not crying at things the other spouse was crying at, to being completely emotionally shut down.

Feeling emotionally close to someone is incredibly important to many people as they feel valued and able to trust that person. It creates a connection between two people that many people see as more important than a physical connection. A lack of this can cause people to cheat if they are not prepared to work on emotional intimacy.

Cheating and Attention

We live in a society where we praise attention above almost everything else, to some people it does not matter if they are liked, intelligent, kind or respected, as long as they are noticed. Attention has become like a currency, so when people are not getting any attention, or as much attention as they think that they deserve, they just look elsewhere and cheat rather than talk to their partner, because they know someone will give them attention and they don't really care who it is. They need to feel attractive and like someone wants them so they turn to the first person that will show them just how attractive they are.

Neglect and Cheating

Many people do not realize, but there is a very big difference between not getting enough attention and neglect. Neglect is a totally different story, neglected people are left alone constantly, receive no emotional support or companionship and they are not cared for at all. This does not however justify cheating, if you are not content in a relationship then you need to address the issue rather than simple cheating, that's not going to make things better.

Opportunity and Cheating

Some people will cheat on their spouse or partner, purely and simply because the opportunity presents itself to them. They are given the chance to cheat and they take it. There was no planning, it was just a chance that they took. Male or female, some people simply can't resist the temptation if sex is offered to them.

All Just Excuses

There is no excuse for cheating on someone that you claim to love, if you are unhappy in your relationship then you need to get out of it or work on it, rather than break the heart of someone you say that you care for.

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Why Do People Cheat?
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