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Why Intuition Is Your Greatest Asset When You're Single

And Seven Ways to Tap Into It

Your Life Partner Is the Most Important...

The person you choose as your life partner is the most important decision you will ever make. It will account for 90 percent of your happiness or misery. Choose one person, and your life could be filled with love, trust, respect, and spiritual growth. Choose a different person, and your life could be filled with inflated egos, mistrust, disrespect, and ultimately, heartbreak.

This statement is not meant to scare you, rather, it is meant to stress how important choosing the right life partner is to the quality of your life. When you are single and faced with the ability to select a partner, it should not be rushed or forced. This process must be met with careful, thoughtful consideration.


This is where your intuition comes in handy. If you choose to tap into your internal guidance, it will lead you to your true life partner, the “One” you are meant to be with. This concept may sound lofty, but I can assure you that it is attainable for all of us mere mortals.

I call myself an “intuitive” because I have learned how to tap into my soul, or the “universal consciousness” and allow this Source to guide my life. I am in no way saying I am a master at this, I’m still learning. And I am not saying that it has made me better than anyone else, as this power of intuition is inherent in all of us. We just need to learn how tune in and to access this information so we can use it to guide our lives in the right direction. Here are seven ways I have learned to tuned into my inner guidance, and I believe these methods can help you too.

1. Medititate

Learning how to meditate has been the number one life changing event for me. If you want to know more about how I accidentally discovered meditation, click here. If you are unsure of how to begin meditating, there are many guided meditations you can use to get you started.

I originally began meditating as an experiment. I stumbled upon it at a time in my life where everything seemed to be turned upside down. I was experiencing major physical ailments, and I used meditation as a way to tap into my body’s natural healing methods. What I didn’t expect was how “psychic” I would become. (This is not to be confused with “Psycho” Ha!) Suddenly, I could predict who was calling on the phone. A person’s image would pop into my head and then moments later would appear on the street. Other uncanny synchronicities helped me realize that I was on to something!

2. Ask For a Sign

Sometimes we are met with difficult decisions, and we need extra guidance in determining what the correct decision to be made is. Case in point, here’s an example from my own life. I had this nagging feeling that I should get a nodule in my thyroid checked out by a doctor. Something just felt “off”. So, I make an appointment for a biopsy and the results come back as “suspicious”. The doctor informs me that I must get my thyroid removed, as it could be cancerous. He also said that it could not be determined if it was cancer until after it was removed from my body. What was I supposed to do? If I removed my thyroid and it wasn’t cancer, I would have a removed a perfectly functioning organ of my body. If I chose not to have it removed and it was cancer, what then? So, I asked for a “sign”.

3. Pay Attention

It’s important to be aware that once you ask for a sign, it can come in literally any form, so it’s imperative to remain vigilant. Your sign could come in the form of a song, a passage from a book, a line from a movie, something you read on the internet, or a story your best friend tells you, just to name a few. My “sign” came from a line in the Netflix show Orange is the New Black.

So many people kept encouraging me to watch this show touting how good it was. I’m not particularly interested in anything that has to do with prisons (for obvious reasons), but I decided to check it out. I was halfway into Season 1 Episode 1, where Jason Biggs character is proposing to his girlfriend. She accepts and then asks about the ring, “Was it your mother’s ring?” she asks. He said: “No, it was my aunt’s ring. But I never really knew her, she died of thyroid cancer when I was very young.” That’s when it hit me, people die from this disease. And just in case I didn’t pick up on this as my Sign, seconds later my Netflix went down and I never was able to finish watching the episode (nor I have watched any of it since). As it turned out, my nodule was cancer, and paying attention to this sign literally saved my life!

4. Slow Down

So many of us are so rushed with everything we’ve got going on. We’re late for a meeting, and our to do list is a mile long. We are constantly in a state of stress. Once we learn how to slow down, we are much more open to receiving our much needed guidance. Time is really an illusion anyway. As an eternal soul, we cannot ever cease to exist, therefore time is irrelevant.

5. Remain Detatched

The one thing that I’ve noticed that blocks your intuition are your emotions. When we desire a certain outcome, we often end up ignoring what our intuition is telling us. Take your emotions and put them on the back burner, and let your inner knowing take center stage. Staying detached is especially important when you’re dating. Oftentimes we desire a relationship so badly that we ignore the obvious, that that person is just not a good match for us.

A while back I went on a first date. (I go on so many of those! I refuse to give up.) Something that he said on our date didn’t match up with something he had told me over the phone. In fact, the two statements were in complete opposition. Translation: one of those statements was completely untrue. (I don't care which one it is, it made me question everything else he had told me.) If I had gone into this date expecting or desiring a certain outcome, I would have most definitely missed this important information. Honesty is a quality I desire in a partner that I am simply unwilling to compromise on.

6. Get in touch with your body.

If we perhaps miss that sign given to us, it will eventually show up in our body. This way, it cannot be ignored. Sure, maybe your upset stomach was something you ate or you caught the flu. But if you’re really in tune with your body, then you can use that to your advantage. Nothing is random or coincidental. Don’t disregard what your body is telling you! It’s of the upmost importance, as your future (and your health) depends on it.

Another example from my own life: A few years ago I had been introduced to what seemed to be an amazing man. He was instantly smitten and I got so caught up in thinking he was “The One”. I ignored that nagging feeling that something was off simply because I desired a relationship and on paper, this dude was perfect. So it showed up in my body as my knee dislocating. A little back story: In my youth I had had problems with my knee, but I hadn’t had any dislocated knees since that time. But while on a date with this guy it happened two separate times! This was my body’s way of telling me something was off, which of course I ignored and it lead to him breaking my heart. How much emotional pain I could have saved myself if I knew what I know now! And not surprisingly, my knee has not dislocated and I haven’t had any more problems with it since. I don’t know about you, but I cannot dismiss this as a coincidence.

7. Truly Forgive

This is one of the hardest things to do, and is something I myself am still working on. Everyone is on their own path, and is at a different stage of spiritual development then you are. By truly forgiving another, you set yourself free from all guilt and pain. Holding on to a grievance is akin to drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. Once you are able to forgive everyone, including yourself, you’re in a better position to accept and utilize guidance from the Universe! Forgiveness is the path that opens up the channel to the Divine.

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Why Intuition Is Your Greatest Asset When You're Single
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