Why Tinder Can Be OK

This is somewhat of a millennial love story. I guess.

Millennials get a lot of crap just for pretty much existing. And that’s alright! Everyone can take a joke once in awhile.

Millennial “culture” and the older generations’ distaste of them aside, something that people usually think of when they think of millennials is online dating. More specifically, Tinder.

Tinder is often ridiculed by not only older generations but is also criticized by the current generation. Tinder could be thought of as the prelude to “Netflix and chill.” And while some people may decide to use it just for hooking up, there’s much more that it can accomplish when bringing two people together.

You don’t have any friends? Use Tinder.

You want people to go with to a concert? Use Tinder.

You’re a lesbian? Use Tinder.

You want to date someone? Use Tinder.

Many things can be achieved by simply downloading Tinder.

Now — I’m not claiming everyone on there is a wonderful person who you’ll have something in common with. What I’m saying though, is that it’s easier to use than most dating sites, and it doesn’t have to exclusively be used for dating.

A little over ten months ago, I was leisurely swiping left on dozens of people, until I came across someone with a hilarious bio and… interesting photos to go along with it.

Memes are also something people relate to millennials and our humor. Well, this guy liked memes. And so did I. Wow — truly a match made in heaven.

Honestly, I gave him my phone number for a way to send pictures back and forth to him. I didn’t know much about him and I thought we could possibly have a chance of being friends.

We texted, then I decided to call him on the phone, and we talked for a little while. I thought he was nice and we had a lot of things in common, plus he said at the end of our conversation that he thought we would be great friends. I agreed.

Then for almost the next week, I would call him on Snapchat (yet another part of millennial culture) and talk with him from when he left school to around 2 am… every single day.

So for about 10 hours a day. Almost non-stop.

This guy was quickly becoming my best friend, and I cared about him a lot. He came over to my house on January 15th, 2017, and from the moment I saw him walking up my driveway, I knew he was the one. (Romantic, right?)

We were sitting on a futon watching Lazy Town memes as I turned towards him and started playing with his hair. He looked back at me and I pretended to lean in to kiss him, except then I actually did.

...That was quickly becoming fanfiction.

Anyways, we’ve been together ever since and he’s my soulmate blah, blah — the moral of this article is that while the app Tinder tends to be insulted based off of stereotypes, it can be a great way to make friends, meet new people platonically, or even, maybe, if you’re lucky — be the way you meet the love of your life.

I’m not saying download Tinder with the hope of finding your soulmate… I’m just saying that it’s possible.

This article is not sponsored by Tinder. Although I wish it was.

Hey Tinder, pay for Daniel and I’s one year anniversary trip. Thanks.

Nux Lee
Nux Lee

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Why Tinder Can Be OK