Without a Trace

A Fictional Story

I set the picnic basket down on the doorstep and lightly pressed the door bell button.

Ding dong

I tap my foot impatiently and gaze at my watch. What’s taking so long? We made these plans a week ago.

Ding dong ding dong

I press the door bell again and again. The door gets yanked open and I nearly fall into the tiny house.

“It’s about time!” I remark as I catch myself on the door frame. I pick up the basket next to my feet and wave it around in front of me.

“I hope that you’re hungry!” I exclaim, grinning.

“Laura. What are you doing here?” TJ glances around behind me and quickly pulls me inside.

“What am I doing here? We had a date! Don’t tell me you forgot!” I angrily exclaim. This is unbelievable! He forgot.

"A date? Shit! I thought it was tomorrow!" A confused look washes over his face.

"It's OK if you forgot. I can wait while you get ready," I say as I take in what he is wearing. He's in a big, wooly bathrobe. It looks as though I had woken him. It's nearly noon. How can anyone still be in bed on such a beautiful day? I give him a gentle shove towards the staircase, knowing that his bedroom is at the top of the stairs.

"Maybe we should reschedule. I'm not feeling that well..." he pushes back against my urging.

"Baby? Who was at the door?" A soft feminine voice comes from the top of the stairs.

I freeze and force my gaze to the staircase. At the top there is a petite woman wearing nothing except for a silky, red robe.

“Uh... no one!” TJ shouts trying to push me behind him. I slap his hands away from me.

“I’m Laura! TJ’s girlfriend! Who are you?” I exclaim. Someone had a lot of explaining to do and someone better start soon.

“Tiffany. Also TJ’s girlfriend,” she cooly says while looking me up and down. She slowly descends the staircase while fixing an icy glare on TJ. TJ slowly backs up away from us.

“Um there seems to be a misunderstanding, I never said either of you were my girlfriend,” TJ mutters, unable to meet either of us in the eyes.

“Really? Well in that case please enlighten us,” Tiffany pushes TJ backwards into the door.

“I thought we were just having fun,” TJ mumbles as he stumbles against Tiffany’s force.

“Is that what you thought? How about you Laura? Is that what you thought too?” Tiffany whirls around and faces me.

“That’s not what I thought. You said that you loved me. That you wanted to be with me!” I sputter. I feel tears start to well up in my eyes. Tiffany grabs my hands and looks into my eyes.

“Oh sweetie don’t be sad. Scum like him doesn’t deserve us. Scum like him don’t deserve to live,” Tiffany softly says to me

“Doesn’t deserve to live?” TJ and I ask at the same time. Me in shock and him in fear.

“You’re going to kill me!?” He tries to jump away and run into the next room, but Tiffany catches his arm and shoves him to the floor.

“Don’t be crazy! I’m not a murderer!” She laughs a high pitch laugh.

“Ow!” TJ exclaims as she twists his arm behind his back.

“But you do need to be taught a lesson!” She pushes him to the nearby basement door and flings him down the stairs.

“You can stay there for awhile!” She pants as she pulls the key to the door from a nearby peg. She firmly clicks the lock shut and pushes the key into her robe pocket.

I gulp and take a few steps back, silently hoping that she has forgotten about me. The floor creaks under my weight. I freeze.

“Well Laura, are you with me or do you need to be taught a lesson too?” Tiffany grins her ghoulish grin at me.

I squeeze my eyes shut and take a deep breath. This will all be over soon.

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