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Worst Date Ever

What is the world coming to?

The date was so bad that this bear is more welcoming 

Have you ever had two dates go wrong in one day?

What is your worst nightmare when it comes to dating?

Back in Post Secondary, it was the thing to double date and hang out with friends. So my best friend and I decided to double date just before Vday because it would be cool.

Everything was going so well, hanging out with my best friend and her new boyfriend. We were playing pool and I was waiting for my date to show up (we will call him Tony). We had confirmed and had been hanging out for a few weeks now when all of a sudden, he thought his time would be better spent with his “sister.”

Tony had wandering eyes and hands, among other things, and since I am very reserved and shy, he did not get too far with me and was bored.

Tony’s “sister” I later discovered was his side fling, which I then busted him for. Tony obviously did not show up, which was annoying, but I was okay because I was with my best friend and her boyfriend (call him Brad). Yes, I was the third wheel, but not for long.

The two of them had been wanting to set me up with one of Brad’s friends and so I finally gave in and let them set me. To my surprise, he showed up at the pool hall. At first glance, he was pleasing on the eyes, which was nice. We will call him John. That did not last too long after John opened his mouth. He was so rude, entitled, and a plain old jerk.

John’s view of women was that it was his responsibility to keep them in line, which meant it was okay to hit a woman if his meal was not ready on time, or if she did not sleep with him on his command and women only had to be in the kitchen. I was appalled and disgusted by everything, as I have never been brought up that way. So right there, we got into a huge argument.

Rather than continuing to put myself through this torture, I used the old technique of having another friend call with an “emergency." I left and it worked like a charm. I was livid at this point and also pissed at my friend for introducing me to this clown.

Now, while this was all happening, Troy had called and texted at least 50 million times saying that he was sorry and had made a mistake. I totally ignored him. I went home to forget the mental night.

I called up my guy friend who was my rock and shoulder and I cried the whole way home, blaming myself for the double jeopardy in my life, only for him to tell me that they were losers here and they were not worth my time.

The next day, my bestie called me saying that John wanted to have another date because he was so in awe with my beauty and my need to stand up for something that is not right. I was like "no way, not in this lifetime. He is better off being in a prison where he would then be taught a lesson of his own."

Here are to two sour dates in one day! Cheers! Today it is almost very comical, but in the moment, it was hell. I’m glad I had those dates and my friend because one, I was better for them, and two, I know what I really value in relationships.

What is your worst date?

By Fatima Sumar

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Fatima Sumar
Fatima Sumar

I am a philanthropic entrepreneur who is passionate about helping people improve the quality of their life through optimal health and optimal financing, while helping them become the best version of them selves with the help of social media

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Worst Date Ever
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