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Reason First: The Idea of the First Date in the Digital Age
2 months ago
What separates men from males in romantic relationships is the fact that there must be a level of spine and testicular fortitude to match the woman’s femininity. In order to achieve this balance, it i...
Do Real Men and Women Cheat?
3 months ago
With human relationships, the ingredients of honor, honesty, trust, and genuine love come into making a healthy meal. But when that serving turns sour because of infidelity, mistrust, adultery, and di...
Mohammad’s Fall
4 months ago
Various portraits lined the convention center on the Riverfront in Wilmington, Delaware. All of them depicted the image of the prophet Mohammad. He himself walked around the place like it was Jannah. ...
A Dollar a Year
4 months ago
Green bills unfolded and folded in is hands. Jertavious Dawe spoke under his breath each count of the money. The dollars in ones and fives mostly, turned over like water off of a mill. The circulative...
Who Gets the Spaceships?
4 months ago
Barton Scholes, a black man, sullen and beat from the divorce agreement, sits on his patio overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in Bethany Beach, Delaware. Worth north of 250 billion dollars, this man had b...
Representatives of Joy
4 months ago
Confetti and smiles appeared. In the Newark, Delaware convenience store where 72-year-old Myleesha Bunting had purchased the winning ticket. Swarms of news cameras and spectators descended upon her. V...