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Being Single Is Horrible

Why Being Single Around the Holidays Sucks

Being a single is horrible. Not because being single is awful. Being single is an amusing and amazing time. It gives you the opportunity to relearn yourself and to determine who you want to be. Many high school kids didn't get that opportunity, either dating all through high school or trying to fit in all through high school. Being single in your twenties is awful because of all the people who tell you that you shouldn't be single. Being single in your twenties is horrible because of all the weddings you go to where people ask where your date is. Being single in your twenties is horrible because every birthday someone reminds you that you're "running out of time". Being single in your twenties is horrible because your friends won't stop trying to convince you to join Tinder, again. Being single in your twenties is horrible because suddenly, trips to the bar with your friends turns into them trying to get you to flirt with the guy across the room who you have zero interest in. 

Everyone trying to set you up or convince you to date is honestly probably the worst part of being single. You are single for a reason; be it you're simply tired of dating and want a break, you want time to work on yourself, or maybe you just came out of a bad relationship and you're not ready to move on yet. All of these reasons and more are okay. You do not have to be in a relationship. People encouraging you to date, could just be them trying to see you happy. Personally, if you're not happy with yourself, you shouldn't date. Another person isn't going to make you happy. You must make yourself happy first. Everything else can wait. Dating can wait. If you're ultimate goal is to get married, then you have the rest of your life to be with that person, so right now, it's okay to not be. 

It is also okay to not want to get married. That is completely understandable. Right now, being in our twenties, a lot of people are getting married. A lot of people are in love and think they have found the person they are going to spend forever with. That's great, but it's not for everyone. Being single is great. There is no one to check in with. You don't have to worry about what someone else wants for dinner, you can have whatever you want. You can watch whatever you want on TV, no questions asked. You owe no one any explanations. Being single in your twenties is great, because you can go to the bar and get drinks from a guy and there's no one to get mad at you. Being single is nice, because when someone texts you at three o'clock in the morning, there is no fight. You know it's just someone drunk and you have no control over it. You can just ignore it and go back to getting your beauty sleep. 

With the holidays approaching, this seemed a good topic to write about. A reminder that you do not have to be in a relationship to be happy. A reminder that you don't owe your family an explanation for why you aren't married yet. A reminder that sometimes, it's nicer to be alone. This is also a reminder to the people in toxic relationships. This is a reminder that you are allowed to leave. A reminder that you are better than the relationship you are in right now. A reminder that you are loved by better people than the toxic person you are with. A reminder that we are concerned about you. This is a reminder of who you used to be. This is also a reminder to people in happy relationships. A reminder that we are happy for you. A reminder that it's okay to be gushy and happy in public. A reminder that just because your friends or family may not have that, doesn't mean they aren't happy. A reminder that if they wanted a dating app account, they would make one themselves. 

It is okay to be single. It's fun to be single. Enjoying your twenties being single is totally okay. Exploring your twenties while single is okay. Go travel and have fun. Go be young and wild. There are no limitations. You are free to learn who you are and learn what you want and what makes you, you. It's okay to be single. No matter who tries to tell you otherwise, it is okay to be single. Sometimes, it's even better to be single. 

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Being Single Is Horrible
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