My Worst Date

Maybe it was an unbelievable blind date, or an anonymous hook-up with a twist. Submit your Worst Date stories today! Sponsored by

Luci 5 months ago
My Worst Date Ever (and Coming Out)
So this happened a while back, but it's still my best story to tell in case I need to explain how bad dating has been for me. So I suppose I'll tell it, again, and see what you think. Let's see, aroun...
Athena Sky5 months ago
There's a Spider on Your Face!
I have a very long history of online dating, so it's no surprise I have so many weird stories to tell. I'm only 29 and by the age of 25, I had 7 years of online dating experiences. Each one brought a ...
Dez Riley6 months ago
The Worst (Best) Date I Never Went On
It was the summer after high school, where this story takes place. A small town just outside a city that was topping the charts for heroin abuse. I was 18-years-old and freshly out of the worst relati...
Emma Rice7 months ago
My First (and Worst) Date
I had my first real date when I was 15. It was the first time that my dad had let me go out with a boy (granted, I never actually asked him up until this point). So how did this day that was supposed ...
Tay Ba year ago
Second Dates Aren't Always That Great
This is the story of my worst date, which oddly enough, was my second date with Cece. It all started on a weekend I was home visiting my parents. I decided to open up Tinder and see if I could find an...
Nathonia Smitha year ago
My Worst Date
In this era of love and romance, some individuals often wonder if chivalry still exists when it comes to dating. But despite the circumstances of a date, chivalrous behavior can still be seen in peopl...
Gloria Rosea year ago
Now That I'm 'Hot' You Want Me?
Okay, so this guy I had known for many years named Jake asked me if I wanted to go get lunch with him. I thought to myself, Yay, free food with my friend! So, of course I agreed to go. I mean, who wit...
Sherry Michellea year ago
My Worst Date
Over the years, I have listened to my friends tell me the funny, and not so funny stories about people they have dated. I hoped never to be able to relate; unfortunately, things don’t always work out ...
Nadine Colmona year ago
Horrors of Using a Right Swipe
When you have recently become single, meeting people is difficult, especially those of us with RBF (resting bitch face). I personally do not go out by myself to many adult places such as bars or clubs...