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I was born to write! I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend. My children are my motivators. I have a passion for informing and inspiring others to be their best self! The women that inspire me are powerful beyond measures.💕💕

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What's in a Ring?
a year ago
If you are a follower of my writings, then you know I write a lot about relationships. Six years ago, I met this man, and in the beginning of our relationship I wrote a piece titled, "Keeping Mr. Righ...
What's the Deal with Open Marriage?
a year ago
Last weekend, while surfing through Netflix I came across a documentary called Explained, a new weekly docuseries launched by Vox to explain, hence the name, many things that leave us scratching our h...
My Worst Date
a year ago
Growing up I wanted three things in life: get married, have lots of kids, and fight against injustice. But there I was, barely thirty, divorced, and a single parent working from paycheck to paycheck. ...
For Better or Worse
2 years ago
I was eighteen, pregnant, and nervous about telling my boyfriend that I was pregnant. I did not understand how having painful sex could result in a baby. But I knew from sex ed that just because the s...