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Escaping My Past... Part One

Living with anxiety, pain, and depression. I have learned to cope with everything I've been through. I will rise to success. My drive and motivation to succeed is driven by my past experiences.

Find what makes you happy...

I want you to picture a small young child around the age of eight with her toy (use your imagination) in one hand, and her blanket in the other. I want you to imagine her walking through the dark hallway that connects both her parent's room, and her's down the hallway. It's dark. Nearly four o'clock in the morning. She's pale, and her headaches from being sick the previous evening. Dazed from the early morning, she sees both her parents standing in the kitchen hugging and giving their goodbyes, as well as her two small dogs, that are clearly confused as to what is going on. After giving her father a goodbye, he picks up his suitcase and enters his car. She proceeds to run to the front door where she can watch his car leave the neighborhood. Suddenly, it hits her. It hits her hard. She realizes her father is leaving for a while. Tightly clenching her blanket with her tiny hands, anger spreads through her, because she doesn't understand why he is leaving. Why now? Why? She sees the car slowly backing out. 5:12 AM. More Pain. All the emotions rise to the surface. She can't help, but sit there, and let her tears take over, as she watches her father leave. As the car begins to disappear the girl runs throughout the house to his room, bursting the door open, and opening all the drawers. Inside the top drawer is a fancy luggage tag. It small and round, but reminds her of him for she realizes the empty room will continue to remain dark and empty. She proceeds to walk to her bed, places it carefully in her drawer, and goes to sleep. Safe and sound. For now at least...

In this part of my life I was innocent. I had no idea what was ahead of me. All the challenges and hate that I'd face. I was completely and utterly unprepared for the next chapter in my life. To this day I see certain situations differently. This is only the beginning of my chapter. Had my father not left, it wouldn't have made a difference. The very beginning of the reason why I experienced such painful memories began with the departure of my father. I am constantly fighting my own personal battles, currently by helping others in need. If this story is similar to yours, or you have experienced greater, and are trying to receive help I commend you for reaching out. I will continue more parts of my chapters soon. 

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Escaping My Past... Part One
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