Angel 🌹🌹🌹

Hello! I want to explore the world. Escape from my past. Love as much as I possibly can. I am supporter for mental health issues and the LGBT community. 

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Escaping My Past... Part Three
2 months ago
Age 13 I wake up. My mouth dry and my head throbbing from silently screaming for hours the previous night. I stare at my surroundings. I am in my closet. It’s nearly pitch black. I look down at my arm...
Escaping My Past... Part Two
2 months ago
Confusion. A few months later... AM: I wake up and it dawns on me that I am still confused as to why he left. I couldn't wrap my brain around the reason... why? Why did he leave? Was it because of me?...
Escaping My Past... Part One
2 months ago
I want you to picture a small young child around the age of eight with her toy (use your imagination) in one hand, and her blanket in the other. I want you to imagine her walking through the dark hall...