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Finding Our 'One'

A Motivational Speech From Personal Experience

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Disclaimer: This is not general relationship advice. Not every relationship will work the same. That's the best part! The uniqueness of each one!

Have you ever had that feeling about "The One?" That one person you daydream about at work? Or the one who can't seem to escape your mind day by day? If you have, is there truly anything better? Being able to relate to someone so well that they resemble you in ways? Isn't it the greatest feeling ever knowing you have someone to love and share the memories for 20 lifetimes with? If you haven't yet, we have faith in you. Give it time and don't rush it. We promise you, you will find someone out there who will be the treasure of your life. You'll know it when you feel it in your veins, your stomach, and even your heart. Ask yourself, do I truly love this person? Am I willing to work on my flaws and be an overall better person if there's something that's bothering them, and vice versa? Being in love doesn't just mean as boyfriend/girlfriend, or husband/wife. It means being a team; partners in crime; a pair who can sing in their worst voices but yet still find bonding through singing (or laughing, or even a bit of both!) The person you can get weird with and they'll say "I'll join you!" And then you go on and eat a nice pizza together only to meet up and snuggle whilst watching Hulu. If there's ever any problems, don't run from each other! Talk about them, you're a team! Be respectful and compromise. Nobody wants to spend years making memories with a person only to have it thrown away by a lack of communication. For those who are reading this now: if you're going through something, make sure you're calm and sit or even cuddle with each other while you talk about it. For the individuals who are reading this that haven't met their "One:" don't give up hope! Love DOES find a way! I promise you.

More on compromising: each relationship has different problems. Thus, there are different ways to get through them. I cannot offer anything but basic help as it would take me months to describe all of the ways to fix and get through each problem there is. The most important step is communication. The second and third are, respectively: respect and honesty. Lack of communication is the biggest threat to all relationships, whether you believe it or not. That doesn't mean that respect and honesty aren't as important—quite the opposite, actually. If you get into an argument, never do it while you're angry. It will cause more problems than good, I assure you. One movie that I think can give inspiration to do better for those who think they are falling apart is Fireproof. It is a very beautiful movie that goes by a "notebook-based" solution. I don't want to spoil anything so just go ahead and watch it. You won't regret it. Me and Cicely have had our ups and downs, but we've efficiently dealt with them all and only came out stronger! 

Little extra tips: date nights don't have to be expensive! They can be as simple as renting a movie and eating popcorn! That doesn't mean you can't splurge on a fancy one if you wish it so! But as long as you're bonding with each other, it's a date! Also, buy yourselves matching hoodies! Cicely has claimed three of mine and she won't give them back!

With regards to the beautiful souls reading this,

David and Cicely LeSieur! 🖤

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Finding Our 'One'
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