How To Tell Where You Stand With Her

Sometimes it can be hard to figure out whether she's into you, but here's how to tell where you stand with her.

One of the hardest parts of dating is figuring out who's legitimately into you, and who's just stringing you along. With guys, it's even worse because being the fool who chases around a disinterested girl can turn you into a laughingstock - or set you up to be used. 

No one should have to be with a person who isn't really into them. Moreover, no one should feel like they can't "shake off" a guy who doesn't pick up the hints. Here's how to tell where you stand with her. 

How Touchy-Feely She is With You

Touch is a major teller of where a man stands with a woman. Women who are interested will go out of their way to touch your arms, your legs, grab you, and hold your hand. They want to touch you because they want to show interest (or maybe get a little lucky). 

If you want to know if she's interested, take a look at how often she touches you. If she touches everyone about the same or less than you, then she's probably not attracted to you. If she touches you more, rubs up against you or sits on your lap, chances are she's into you. Body language is a good way to tell where you stand with her.


A woman's laughter is often the sweetest sound a man can hear. Studies have shown that girls who are interested in a guy will often laugh at his jokes more often, or just giggle around him more often. Interestingly or not, guys might subconsciously know this, too, since they tend to try to crack jokes more often around girls that they like. 

Oh, and the kicker here? Guys tend to like women who laugh at their jokes more. So, take note if you want to get his attention. And fellas, this is a key indicator when trying to tell where you stand with her.

Reaching Out to You

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Let's just be real here. No one will take time to reach out to people they aren't interested in. If she's regularly being the one who says hello, at the very least, she wants to be your friend. That's a great sign.

When a woman stops reaching out to you, it tells you exactly where you stand with her. She's no longer interested - or just not making you a top priority. 

Getting Dolled Up Around You

A woman who is really into a guy will put in extra effort for her looks when she knows he's around and is a way to tell where you stand with her. If you find out she tends to hate makeup around everyone but you, then you probably are seeing her flaunt her stuff to try to get your eye. 

Doing Things for You

Most of the time, this can tell you whether a girl is genuinely interested i you or if she's just trying to be nice to you. Truthfully, you can always tell where you really stand with people when you see what they do for you when you need it. 

When talking to women, it's important to see if she tries to help you do things, if she offers to cook for you, or if she asks if you need a ride somewhere. These are often key signs that she's trying to get your attention - and show that she's a sweetie.

Jealousy Around Other Women

A lot of girls will be totally fine around other women... until, of course, they see a guy they like. When this happens, you might see her claws come out in the form of passive-aggressive behavior, talking over other women, rude comments, or even getting territorial over you to the point that it gets awkward. 

Though this is a sign that she likes you, this isn't a good sign about her in general. Take note of this when using it to figure out where you stand with her. Do you really want someone who would behave this way with other people? 

Eye Contact

This can go one of two ways. A lot of girls, when they like a guy, get coy and worried about having a guy who actually catch them staring. They may blush and be afraid to have eye contact at first. If you see them looking at you, then looking away quickly, they may have a crush on you and are too shy to admit it. 

More confident girls will make eye contact immediately with a guy they like. 

However, most girls, when they get approached will make prolonged eye contact with a guy they're interested. If you notice that she's backing away, staying rigid, and not looking at you, then it's a sign she may not be interested in you. 

Talking About You

A good sign that she's very interested is if she keeps talking about you or asking about you. You now know what this means if you hear her friends saying things like, "Oh, she told me all about you - good things, I swear!" 

On a very similar note, certain things don't end in high school. If her friends approached you and have hinted that she likes you or that she's single, listen to them. They're trying to help a sister out and it's a key indicator that tells where you stand with her.

Classic Flirting Signs

Most people have seen at least one cartoon that had made a subtle (or not so subtle) nod to flirtation. Blushing, eyelash batting, tilted head nods, and lip biting are what these kinds of cartoons use to show that a character is flirting with someone. 

Though cartoons are definitely not realistic in many occasions, these kinds of classic flirting signs are major indicators that a woman is interested in you as more than just a friend. They're also signs that she's giving you the green light, so go for it!

Talks of Dating, Sex, and Singledom

A lot of women will talk about life as a single woman when they're trying to goad a guy into asking them out. Similarly, if a girl keeps bringing up sex and dating, there's a good chance that she's trying to nudge you into talking about dating her. 

Generally speaking, it's a good idea to use your instincts. Chances are that you have more girls interested in than you'd think and when you figure out how to tell where you stand with her, you'll be a real candidate for dating and relationships. 

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