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I'm Here

A good ending to a bad day.

I slam the door to my apartment shut with so much force that I think a picture on my wall fell. "God damnit!" I sit down on my couch and put my hands on my face. "Don't cry, it's not worth it." I'm breathing really hard and just trying to control myself from destroying my home. I hear a knock at the door. "Whoever it is go away!"

"Even if it's your own boyfriend." That's the voice of Bradley my boyfriend of two years.

"I said I don't want to talk to anyone!" I hear the door open and close. Oh right he has a key since we live together.

"I'm sorry beautiful but I can't leave you alone after that altercation." He sits down next to me. I have my face in my hands since I am still trying to calm down. I feel a hand on back that's softly rubbing it up and down. "I'm sorry that had to happen."

"It wasn't you who was yelling at me so don't apologize. I feel like an absolute idiot."

"You shouldn't. He had no right to talk to you like that. I was holding in the urge to start hitting him because I knew it wouldn't end well for us."

"I would had loved to see you punch him in the face. I should had listened to you and to my father when you both said don't work with him."

"The good thing is you can get out of it. I'm working on something that I need your help with."

"Well I have a lot of free time now." The tears start falling from my eyes.

"Why are you crying?" He brings me towards his chest and wraps his arms around me while running his hand down my hair soothing me. 

"That just reminded me so much of when I was alone and a broken mess which allowed people to talk to me like I was an idiot. I thought I was passed that."

"Gisselle, you are not alone. Me and your father defended you after you left. It's okay to feel upset, to cry, and to let it all out. You're human and you have emotions. You will never be alone again because I'm here for you and I will always be here for you because I love you more than anything." I smile as I cry.

"I love you so much Bradley. When you came into my life and helped me I got better and I became happier." I hug him and he hugs me even tighter.

"Let me take you somewhere."

"Why and where?"

"To make you feel a little better and it's a surprised. Come on you'll love it." He pecks my lips.

"Okay." He grabs my hand and leads the way out the door and to wherever he wants to take me.

We arrive at the beach that's somewhat near our apartment building. "Why the beach?"

"Being near water makes you happy right?"

"Yeah and thank God it's not too hot out here. It's always so beautiful when we come out here."

"Yeah." While holding hands we put our feet in the water. I feel a bit better already.

"So what's this project you're working on?"

"I get to direct my own film and star in it."

"Bradley that's awesome. You want my help?"

"Yes because you're one of the best directors that I know ."

"I'd be happy to help you."

"Great and I also have something else to ask you." He gets down on one knee in the water and takes out a small box. When he opens it there's a ring. "Will you marry me?" I start crying again. Don't let this be a dream.

"Yes my love, I'll marry you. I love you so much."

"And I love you." He stand up and slips the ring onto my finger and kisses me. I'm getting married to the man who has helped me and who has loved me so much for the past two years. As we kiss I feel him lift me up bridal style.

"Bradley what are you doing?"

"Let's go swimming." I laugh as we walk into the water. I love this man.

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I'm Here
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