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Sheera Lee2 years ago
26 Relationship Life Hacks Every Couple Should Know
Having a relationship isn't easy. It takes work and will require you to learn how to talk things out efficiently. It's a partnership, and at times, even the most solid relationship will be a struggle ...
J.C. Marie2 years ago
Time To Say Goodbye
I met my best friend my freshman year of college. We were part of a larger group of friends who were so close we were practically inseparable. During second semester of that year, two of our friends s...
Claire Raymond2 years ago
5 Signs That You Have Trust Issues
Everyone has moments of mistrust, when we feel slightly suspicious about events or we think our partner may be up to something, but we shrug it off when we realize that there is nothing to worry about...
Claire Raymond2 years ago
How To Communicate Better In A Relationship
How you can communicate more effectively in a relationship.
Tatiana Parker2 years ago
My Last Love Letter
It marks a year since the last time we spoke or seen one another. Even though time has passed and I have a better understanding of why you walked away from the friendship, the pain of that moment stil...
Body Language That Says He Likes You
For the most part, girls tend to have a good handle on whether or not a guy likes them. Usually, they can tell whether or not a man has a crush because he'll ask them out, buy them drinks, or just pla...
Claire Raymond2 years ago
Things People Need To Stop Saying To Childless Couples and Women
We live in a society that still, for some reason, despite the fact that it is 2017, only places real value on a woman or couple if they have children. As far as society is concerned, if, you don't hav...
Claire Raymond2 years ago
How To Have A Stronger Relationship
Having a strong relationship is something that a lot of us strive for, we want to feel a strong bond and a deep connection to the person we are with. Sometimes this happens on its own, but other times...
Susan McCord2 years ago
Should You Tell Your BFF that Her Boyfriend is a Douche?
Should you tell your best friend that her boyfriend is really an [email protected]? No one likes him but she doesn't know that. She thinks her boyfriend is great even though he is aggressive, controlling and abusive! Would you intervene? Should you? Whenever there is a question regarding safety or abuse with someone, (and that goes for men who are with these type of women as well) it is always important to help out your friends & family by acknowledging your concerns. Love really can be blind which makes ...
Miranda O'Conner2 years ago
Ways to Be a More Supportive Partner
Many people, when they feel they have done wrong to their lover, try to figure out ways to be a more supportive partner. Maybe they hurt their lover. Maybe they love a person something awful but fear ...
Angela Baerthel2 years ago
Love from Minnesota
I get asked a lot about, “How to deal with a relationship.” First off... just like any other relationship. There are disagreements. It's not always easy. There are the up and downs of it all around. I...
Charlene AG2 years ago
Protecting Our Men
There are several things we should do for our men. We should love, encourage, and be supportive of our men. It doesn’t matter the nationality. All men need their women to love them unconditionally. Me...
I Love You But I Do Not Like You
Have you ever met a person, family member, co-worker, friend- that person we deem as very special indeed for the dilemma their actions place us in; making us constantly choose between our love and dis...
Jamie Bush2 years ago
I Will Not Feel Obligated to Quit Living My Life
I understand your life changed, for the better of course. You and your now husband made a beautiful, early-on, mistake, as we have called it, and you created this amazing little life that I call my ni...
Jennifer Terry2 years ago
Confessions of an Overgrown Creep
I have a confession. When I was 13 -- I was SUPER creepy. That's not an exaggeration. If the parents of my crushes had gotten restraining orders against me, I wouldn't have been at all surprised. I mi...
De'Jah Williams2 years ago
How Many Men Does It Take to Fall In Love?
I'd never been promiscuous, I wasn't a virgin but I wasn't loose either. I'd always wanted that fairytale love bullsh*t that they talked about in movies and in books. I'd cried over lost love and a ma...
My Goddess Among The Stars
This is my first draft here so please be kind and also don't let anything slide I would like to get better. Here we go.
Susan McCord2 years ago
Dear Sybersue: My Boyfriend is Interested One Day & Not the Next!
Dear Sybersue, I am in a relationship with a guy who seems to be only half interested in me! Some days he is so amazing & loving and then other days he is so removed and distant. We have been together...