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Lara Alice2 years ago
Then, to my surprise, I met Marco. I was going for lunch every day at the canteen from the University of Amsterdam, and so was he. He had been smiling at me and me at him. We just couldn’t ignore each...
Super Toxic
You know those stories of crazy relationships you hear about in the news? Well, I lived one. I was with my ex Ray for 6 and a half years before we broke up. We had a rocky relationship it was up and d...
Lara Alice2 years ago
So I was just there, standing with my bike near the entrance of a building, not knowing what to do next, when I saw this blond guy coming out of an elevator, with a bike, and my very first impression was that I knew him, but I couldn’t remember where from. I must have stared at him a bit awkwardly, and so he stared at me too, smiling very much, don’t ask me why, as if he was seeing something quite amazing instead of me. I smiled back, and just as he was passing me by with his bike, the cloth on ...
Rachel Lesch2 years ago
Retribution Chapter 6
Augustin was of a rather changeable temperament. The smallest misfortune could put him in the worst sort of mood but any bit of luck could send his spirits in the other direction just as extremely. A ...
Claire Raymond2 years ago
How To Communicate Better In A Relationship
How you can communicate more effectively in a relationship.
Body Language That Says He Likes You
For the most part, girls tend to have a good handle on whether or not a guy likes them. Usually, they can tell whether or not a man has a crush because he'll ask them out, buy them drinks, or just pla...
Claire Raymond2 years ago
How To Have A Stronger Relationship
Having a strong relationship is something that a lot of us strive for, we want to feel a strong bond and a deep connection to the person we are with. Sometimes this happens on its own, but other times...
Susan McCord2 years ago
Should You Tell Your BFF that Her Boyfriend is a Douche?
Should you tell your best friend that her boyfriend is really an [email protected]? No one likes him but she doesn't know that. She thinks her boyfriend is great even though he is aggressive, controlling and abusive! Would you intervene? Should you? Whenever there is a question regarding safety or abuse with someone, (and that goes for men who are with these type of women as well) it is always important to help out your friends & family by acknowledging your concerns. Love really can be blind which makes ...
Miranda O'Conner2 years ago
Ways to Be a More Supportive Partner
Many people, when they feel they have done wrong to their lover, try to figure out ways to be a more supportive partner. Maybe they hurt their lover. Maybe they love a person something awful but fear ...
- E2 years ago
I Want You to Love Me
Once upon a time, there was a girl. This girl was pretty shy and she knew exactly what she wanted in life. What she didn’t know was that she would have a little something weird for a guy she never tou...
Angela Baerthel2 years ago
Love from Minnesota
I get asked a lot about, “How to deal with a relationship.” First off... just like any other relationship. There are disagreements. It's not always easy. There are the up and downs of it all around. I...
Caroline Egan2 years ago
Internet Dating Makes James Van Der Beek Cry
Before this seems like I’m going off on some rant about internet dating and how shit it is—I’m not. I’ve done it quite a bit for the last few years—mixed results mostly (partially because I never know...
Jennifer Terry2 years ago
Confessions of an Overgrown Creep
I have a confession. When I was 13 -- I was SUPER creepy. That's not an exaggeration. If the parents of my crushes had gotten restraining orders against me, I wouldn't have been at all surprised. I mi...
My Goddess Among The Stars
This is my first draft here so please be kind and also don't let anything slide I would like to get better. Here we go.
Crystal Renner2 years ago
The Greatest Love I've Ever Known
So what with all the drama circulating the 'Net these days about "this person is a cheater and a liar" and "that person has six kids with ten different people", it's nice to be able to tell a story th...
Susan McCord2 years ago
Dear Sybersue: My Boyfriend is Interested One Day & Not the Next!
Dear Sybersue, I am in a relationship with a guy who seems to be only half interested in me! Some days he is so amazing & loving and then other days he is so removed and distant. We have been together...
Phoenix Roronoa2 years ago
To All The Men Who Act Like They're PMS'ing
Okay so here is my rant. I hate men who sit there and complain about how bad women act when they're having their monthly visitor or those snarky assholes who have the audacity to piss a woman off and ...
Bridget Meier2 years ago
Maybe Sometime
"Cath, I'm not that kind of guy." I said, eyeing the woman. "Especially because Aeron is my best friend." Cath was also my best friend, but she was like one of the guys. Her girlfriend, Sabriel or Bri...