For better or for worse, relationships reveal the core of the human condition.

John Ames Birch2 months ago
What does it mean to be worthy? We places labels on ourselves and each other to equate a sense of worth. We seek to classify someone by their potential, or who they may be at that moment. All the whil...
John Ames Birch2 months ago
Only Human
Human: a term to explain our biological existence. A term that refers to who we think we are, a name that signifies our bodies. Our biology, genetic similarities in DNA, thought, behaviour and error. ...
B. K2 months ago
Who am I and what is my dream? Is the person that is waking up every morning and living the daily common life really me? Am I working towards something meaningful or am I just living according to the ...
Mark lewis2 months ago
An Observation
In a world where you can have anything, you choose not to have the most important thing: a voice. You let people speak for you. Are you a sheep that follows because it's a trend? Or are you a wolf jus...
Braden David2 months ago
Reflections in the Waves
The ocean and I have always had a complicated relationship. I have a fear and respect for it that dates long before I moved to California. But every time I find myself near the ocean, I am mesmerized,...
Katie Dunham2 months ago
Gossip, Lies, Truth, and Gospel
Dear Gossips, Gossip, who doesn’t love good juicy gossip? I am hooked on Ex-Wives of Rock for three reasons, first, those ladies are damn entertaining. Second, I sort of/on the outer echelon of, lived...
John Ames Birch2 months ago
Peace in Our Time
Peace, the long sought after word, feeling, belief, and standard that generations before us have tried and failed to achieve. All of us around the globe want a better future for us and those we love, ...
Kirsten Nicole2 months ago
What a 'Perfect Day' Means to Me
If you could describe a 'perfect day' what would it look like? For me, a 'perfect day' consists of a few things. The person or people you care about Smiles and laughter A feeling of peacefulness A les...
Eva Jean2 months ago
Pride, Prejudice, and Equality
It's Pride month—everywhere we turn, we see it. Google, social media outlets, small and large businesses, we're all reminded with bright, vibrant colors. Now, I'm sure you have your own opinions on it...
LeAnn Murch2 months ago
A Year Is a Lifetime When Tragedy Is Happening
We never see the changes as they're happening; it's when we look back that we notice how different things are. A year doesn't seem like a lot of time, but when things are happening, whether they're go...
Remique Richardson2 months ago
Being Plus Size and Black at a Predominately White College
Going to one of the most "diverse" schools in the country was a true blessing and quite an experience. Not only was I able to meet many different people from many places, but I was also able to learn ...
Levi Sanders2 months ago
I'm Not Coming Out—I'm Letting You In
I never thought I’d be here, writing this letter for the world to read. But, times have changed, and I want to share this with people. First, though, you have to have some backstory—so here we go. In ...
kayla domingo2 months ago
People Like Them
Eyes; the key to see within another person’s soul. Maybe that’s why theirs are so dark and void of life. No joy sifts within them, only dull anger and rage. Pity should not be felt for them. They know...
Katie Dunham2 months ago
Welcome Class!
Dear Internet Users, Look I get it, for a long-time people didn’t have an outlet to air their grievances and what not and along comes the internet. We finally have an easy outlet for spreading the wor...
John Ames Birch2 months ago
Truth and Honesty
Truth, many equate this to honesty, but truth has a deeper meaning than just the antithesis of a lie. Truths are evident in many things throughout society. We find truth many times per day, no matter ...
Rachelle Pinkney2 months ago
Growing up Fat, Black, and Ugly
My hopes are that someone going through—or someone who has been in—a similar situation can reflect on this story, and find some growth and ideas on how to move forward. There is a healthy strong perso...
Pi3ces OfWork2 months ago
"Hypothetical" Letter
Dear Friend, I am taking a psychology class and I think that the main factors affecting a person’s behavior are society, social media, and nurture. Society focusing on the social media end has always ...
Katie Dunham2 months ago
Can't We All Just Get Along?
Welcome to 2019, and the wild frontier known as the internet and social media. In this day and age we can capture everything, and post it to social media so we can all collectively unpack it. And boy ...