Abagail Rachelle

Spun Out of Control (Pt. 2)
4 months ago
I remember it like it was yesterday. I was with Trent, Ivory, and Ivory's girlfriend, Lexie. We were at the beach and the day was perfect, no one but us hanging out, playing in the waves and making me...
Spun Out of Control
5 months ago
His name is Trent, he had my heart, for three years. He made every day beautiful. I was in a bad place and he always helped me. I was 15 when we met back in high school. W graduated together and we planned our life together. This is my story and this is only the beginning of the beautiful and painful life I lived. In high school, Trent and I were inseparable. We were the cutest couple in school, popular because we knew how relationships should be and we stayed strong. His eyes were hazel, he was...