Annie Curran

Just an amateur writer giving personal experiences and advice about different topics. Writing everything that comes to my mind. 

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The Downsides to Relationships
5 months ago
Relationships are great, most of us know. Being in love is a great thing, but sometimes it can take over you. You start prioritising your partner over your friends and/or family, and you might not eve...
Changing My Perspective on My Ideal Guy
8 months ago
From a young age, I’ve always had crushes on boys, I think since the age of five years old. As I grew up in school and started to interact more with guys, I created my ideal boyfriend. But at this tim...
2018 Was My Worst Year
8 months ago
From many people that I’ve either talked to or read stories about online, they agree that 2018 has been their worst year, including mine. A lot of things happened this year in a span of around nine mo...
Heartbreak, Loss and Growth
a year ago
This is hard for me to type, I never thought this would be something I would ever have to write but I think it provides a lot of life lessons for relationships. Not just for myself but for anyone want...
Is Long Distance Worth It?
2 years ago
A long distance relationship was not something I ever thought I would be in when I was 17 years old. Prior to this relationship, I have been single since birth. Obviously, I always wanted to be in a r...
Benefits of Starting to Date When You Are an Adult
2 years ago
Love isn't something that you can find when you step out of your front door, although it has happened to a few. It takes time, you create experiences and lessons to learn along your journey in life.