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Is Marrying for Love a Modern Concept?
2 years ago
Marrying is, for many, that step in a romantic relationship where things get serious. It is a time honored tradition, one of holy (or legal) union between two people who love each other very, very muc...
Same-Sex Couples In History
2 years ago
People act as though same-sex couples are somehow a new development in history, but anyone with even an ounce of historical perspective realizes that the LGBTQA+ community has been around since the da...
What to Do When Dating Someone With Depression
2 years ago
Dating is hard; dating when depressed is even harder. Depression isn't just feeling down in the dumps or blue; it's an entire distortion of one's perspective of reality. What might bring some joy beco...
Beautiful True Romances from History
2 years ago
There are a few universal things, no matter how far back you go into history: death, wrath, war, and love. Romances of a grand and majestic nature are often forgotten in the vast scheme of history. Th...
Questions That Can Bring You Closer
2 years ago
Often, couples long to come closer to one another, to know one another intimately and intrinsically, but often they do not know the ways to bring one another closer together. Words often fail to relay...
Is a Sense of Humor Key to a Successful Relationship?
2 years ago
A sense of humor often seems to be one of the most important elements of a romantic relationship. So often, when someone is asked why they love their partner, they will reply with a shrug, and just sa...