Arlene Nisson Lassin

A longtime writer, journalist, and Blogger, Arlene lives in Houston, Texas with her husband and family. Visit her Hot Flashes Blog (hot topics with a wink and a nod to that time in life!) at

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Lingering Effects for Houston's Flooded — Trauma, Grief, and Loss
2 years ago
As you have no doubt heard, thanks to 24-hour-a-day news coverage at the time, the city of Houston suffered the most catastrophic rainfall recorded in United States' history this past August—the resul...
How to Keep a Long Distance Relationship
2 years ago
Ok, you have just accepted that dream job in another city, and now you want to know if a long distance relationship can work, because the most important thing you are leaving behind is your partner. Y...
Ways Being Single Is Good for Your Health
2 years ago
If you are newly single there is good news in that studies show that it's a GOOD thing; so let's discuss the many ways that being single is good for your health. If you just ended a relationship it pr...
Hurricane Harvey Heroes Step In to Save Precious Memento
2 years ago
To most people, Elsa, the princess from the Disney movie Frozen, is just another memorable character in an animated movie. For Maya Sacks, age 6, and for her mom, Julie, she represented hope for a fut...
What NOT to Say to a Flood Survivor
2 years ago
Houston, Texas has just endured a flood and weather event of historic proportions in Hurricane Harvey. Survivors are fatigued and battered, stunned by their losses. If you know someone affected by thi...