Carina Rose

Carina Fresa is a current Sophomore honors student at Suffolk University. Originally from CT, she has truly found a home in Boston. She is the multi-media coordinator for Rampage Show Choir, as well as a writer for Her Campus Suffolk. 

You've Got a Friend
7 months ago
Moments after falling down the stairs in an emotional frenzy, I sat in the wings of the stage with other members of Rampage by my side. I shove my swollen foot into my character shoe while squeezing t...
Love, Pride, and Honesty
7 months ago
Everyone has their own story. Each individual in the LGBT+ community comes out in a different way, and for some it is much easier than others. Some people have known who they are their whole life, whi...
The Truth About Internet Friendships
7 months ago
Many people believe that meeting friends or significant others online is dangerous business. There is said to be many who catfish—pretending to be someone that they are not. While there are definitely...