Carol Townend

My interests are mental health and the Humanities. I hold the basic certificate in the Humanities, and I am a Time to Change Champion. I publish on word press and I have an upcoming book with Indies United Publishing House.

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Unexpected Love
2 months ago
"Nobody ever falls in love with me!" I told my friend Joanne who looked at me comically. I had never been in a relationship, and I was now 22 years old. Joanne said, "What do you mean, you're beautifu...
Don't Tell Me Who to Be!
3 months ago
People say that I am difficult. I have been told this ever since I was a child, and in every single relationship that I have. I find this interesting, because every time I have a bad mood, speak my mi...
3 months ago
We all get crushes on people we know, people we don't, be it celebrities or professionals, but is this okay? I think it depends on an individual opinion, values, and beliefs. The saying, "You can look...