Caroline Egan

Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, Caroline has a variety of published fiction and non-fiction, written in a wry style on all things nerdy and neurotic. Her collection of essays Fahckmylife:  The Little Book of Fahck, is available on Amazon.

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Why Didn't I Think of That Earlier?
2 years ago
There is little more frustrating than the inability to come up with a witty or off-the-cuff remark when insulted (either accidentally or on purpose). You freeze. Possibly stand still. If you’re anythi...
Watch Your Language
2 years ago
An incident from the last few years: Soft. Fuzzy. Warm. Electricity running through every capillary. Dark orange lighting. Music. Muted speaking. "We should get breakfast in the morning," he garbles a...
Internet Dating Makes James Van Der Beek Cry
2 years ago
Before this seems like I’m going off on some rant about internet dating and how shit it is—I’m not. I’ve done it quite a bit for the last few years—mixed results mostly (partially because I never know...
You're Only Fooling Yourself
2 years ago
Lies and relationships