Cynthia Perez

Just a woman discovering her role in her own life. Divorced and a single parent but trying to reclaim my greatest role....the lead in my own story. 

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Dear Nobody
2 months ago
Dear Nobody, Yes, that's right, I took your name away because it no longer has power here. I trusted you when you were untrustworthy, and I loved you even though you don't know how to return love. I g...
Approval Not Needed
2 months ago
I have no idea how I want to start this entry. I've tried several times to find the right intro but perhaps because what I really want to say is so important about self-worth and standing confidently ...
2 months ago
So today was a dreary day where I live. Lots of thunderstorms and rain, which meant staying close to home and naps, lots of naps. So I used the day to catch up on much needed rest, hanging out with my...
The Elusive Dick Pic
2 months ago
So let me start with we’ve all received the unsolicited dick pic. Maybe you were impressed, and maybe you weren’t. However, we’ve all gotten one or a hundred. In fact, I got one today and thought to m...
Lonely or Alone
3 months ago
So I find myself single again after three and a half years of putting up unnecessary bullshit from a man who didn’t know how to love me. During that time I made a million and one changes, as we as wom...
Crossing That Bridge... Maybe Not
3 months ago
Let’s start with some background: We dated off and on for over three years. Lived together, then didn’t, then did and then didn’t... you see the pattern here. And you might be thinking why? Well, to s...