Deborah Portillo

A beginner writer just trying to clear her mind of all the thoughts and nightmares that come at night. 

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Addiction Love
2 years ago
In today’s day and age, it's hard to find true love. Someone once told me I had to kiss a thousand frogs before I found my prince. I only kissed a few before I found him, only he was younger then I wa...
Married to an Addict
2 years ago
My husband has broken his sobriety. I'm in a relationship where assumptions of cheating, lying, being delusional, belittling, being crazy, and only God knows what else are placed upon me. My past is u...
Red Flag Date
2 years ago
Have you ever been encouraged to go on a blind date? Maybe you were merely pressured to join an online dating site, because you friends felt as though you were alone on the weekends while your childre...