Eb !

I talk a lot, so I've turned my talking into writing... well, in this case, typing.

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9 months ago
To start this off, we'll begin with one quick question: Have I ever been in a relationship before? The answer: no. Why? Honestly, by choice. I find myself to be a VERY picky person, so when it comes t...
"Technically Friends"
9 months ago
So, last semester I met a lot more people than the first, I believe, and I made friends with these boys or whatever. One of the boys was attractive to me, but my "friend" had called "dibs" on him firs...
Why Did I Even Have Interest?
9 months ago
Ahhhhh... where do I even begin? So guys, I do NOT have a "type," but I definitely have a certain kind of guy that I notice/spot out first and it's light skin guys with curly hair. NO I do not like ju...