Jay Williams

Just a young woman who writes freely, from the mind...holding nothing back.

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The Institution of Marriage: Yeah, OK?
20 days ago
I'm sure the title looks misleading, possibly cynical—and maybe it is. Yet, at this period of my life, I have not made it to the infamous cornerstone of life's journey; Marriage. The old holy union be...
3 months ago
"When Capricorn and Pisces form a friendship, it's a union of opposite natures attracting. Capricorn is practical and down to earth, scrupulous and possessed of a strong work ethic. Pisces is very spi...
6 months ago
Wanderlust... Hungry for another adventure. Navigating uncharted lands by the way of the sea, my eyes are set northward towards God's beauty. Majestic portraits from far and wide. I thank the heaven a...
Women Theory 201
a year ago
Sometimes, I think about the question, “Can I pinpoint when I liked women?” A lengthy question, but a question nonetheless. The whole idea of “environmental influence vs genetically encoded” has cause...
Hindu Sorceress
a year ago
A seductress in her own right Sorcery at its peak Yet, it's as though she doesn’t know that she had a hand in a spell casted. Escaped breath, swift on the wings of Death She had taken its cold hands o...