Jessica L

Living and learning everyday just like everyone else. I just want to write about it. 

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Bringing Two Worlds Together
8 months ago
Ah, love! It is a wonderful feeling. Everything is bright, new, and shiny. You and your beloved are on the same page about everything. You are so in sync and nothing will come between you. Then it hap...
Power of Words
a year ago
There are two sides to every argument. The debate on the power words hold is a timeless one. Also one that people will feel strongly on either way, but they often don’t realize it. As humans we use wo...
The Coffee Shop
2 years ago
“Hello, welcome to Black Beans Coffee Shop. What can I get you?” Like a broken record, it was always the same question. This was then followed by the same dry and rehearsed response. Then, mindlessly,...
Forever Friends
2 years ago
A best friend, the person who is always by your side. The person you think of the moment you hear that funny joke or when you're crying watching the end of Titanic. The person you call at 3 AM because...
The Unconventionally Typical Story of How I Met My Fiancé
2 years ago
With technology evolving at such a rapid pace, and its large role it plays in our daily lives, it is no surprise to find that it has also changed the way we conduct our relationships. Everyone connect...