kayla domingo

i am just a smol girl looking to have her voice heard in this huge world. 

2 months ago
The thick cold air hits me hard as my body trembles. I was buried beneath many blankets before my body decided to abruptly sit up. Slowly my head turns to glance over at my clock, and it’s still only ...
First Time
2 months ago
I lean back into your chest as you pull me closer towards you. We're lying on the couch and I'm between your legs flipping through a book, while you watch something on Netflix. Your chin rests on the ...
People Like Them
2 months ago
Eyes; the key to see within another person’s soul. Maybe that’s why theirs are so dark and void of life. No joy sifts within them, only dull anger and rage. Pity should not be felt for them. They know...
3 months ago
That white man was given more privileges at work because he was deemed much more superior than that person of colour. A little girl isn’t allowed to participate in that game of soccer with the boys in...