Keane Neal-Riquier

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I am from a small town (I mean a tiny, itty bitty, minuscule town). I am looking to chase my passion in writing and make my mark on the world with some swift words, a unique voice, and the will to be different. 


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Invalidation and The Power of Acceptance
12 days ago
Everyone in this world struggles with something internally at one point in time or another. This struggle can come from catastrophic occurrences in which nobody can deny the pain that it inflicts. How...
The True Story of the Fierce Independent
a month ago
There are those in this world who use the word independent to describe themselves. In society, in careers, and personal life, it is one of the most cherished character traits that so many aspire to ha...
The Fixer: A Selfless Helper
a month ago
There are people in this world, with me included, who live their lives by fighting the problems of others. In a world that is broken and searching for relief from the difficulties of everyday life, we...
The Voice In Silence
a month ago
In a world full of people who love to talk, we have forgotten a voice that speaks louder than any other. The voice of silence is one of the most profound speakers of all time. It can say so much witho...
The Foundation for Building Any Healthy Relationship
2 months ago
“I found a love in the way you loved me.” This statement is one of the many that lay on the borderline between good and bad, white and black. It’s an overcast sky, because it can lead to either a stea...
For Those Who Fall in Love with a Free Spirit
2 months ago
Some of us go misunderstood in this world. Traveling through the land of trials and tribulations in a pack of one. Some by choice, and some by the lack thereof. It is an undeniably unique journey that...