Keane Neal-Riquier

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I am from a small town (I mean a tiny, itty bitty, minuscule town). I am looking to chase my passion in writing and make my mark on the world with some swift words, a unique voice, and the will to be different. 


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Defining Relationships
19 hours ago
One of the hardest things to accept in life is the fact that everyone who walks into your life plays a role. This role is specific to them, and you really don’t have much choice over what role they pl...
Those Who Love Love, and Love Freedom
5 days ago
There’s a problem that some of us have to go through in our lifetime, and that’s the fact of having to live with this simply complex contradiction: simultaneously loving freedom, and loving love. Goin...
How to Stop Hating Others
9 days ago
Just a forewarning. This is going to start off extraordinarily random, but there is a point to be made, I promise. So I was watching the television show, Lethal Weapon. They were fighting a Mexican Ca...