Kelle C Rosa

Kelle is a part-time writer, a curious and an observer of general human behavior, including her own. She writes poems and likes singing in the shower. Follow her on 

Being Single Does Not Mean Failure
2 years ago
Why can't a woman be single without meaning she is failing? Haven't you gotten a boyfriend yet? Why not? Oh my God are you going to be single forever? Are you a lesbian? I have heard and answered thes...
Lack of Self-Esteem: My Biggest Weakness
2 years ago
One of the definitions of self-esteem is self-respect. How can we respect ourselves if we are constantly accepting the leftovers of a relationship? Or if we think the tears and pain someone brings to ...
When I Loved an Expectation
2 years ago
A few years ago during a visit to my grandmother's house, in another state, I met a guy who I thought would be my soul mate, I would not say love at first sight but there was something about him that ...
Give Yourself the Chance of Being Alone
2 years ago
Some people can't handle loneliness and other people were meant to be alone. I am part of the second group of people. Don’t take me wrong, I have friends and I sincerely appreciate them, but I like to...