Liana Hewitt

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Valentine's Day on a Budget
a year ago
Valentine’s Day can be an exciting and romantic day, but has your budget been a little bit tight lately? With prices on the rise but wages unable to match you might find Valentine’s Day to put some pr...
A Letter to My Teenage Self
a year ago
Life won't always be easy. Sometimes it will be challenging. Sometimes you won't know how you will survive. But you will get through it. Sometimes you'll need some help but as long as you aren't afrai...
Without a Trace
a year ago
I set the picnic basket down on the doorstep and lightly pressed the door bell button. Ding dong I tap my foot impatiently and gaze at my watch. What’s taking so long? We made these plans a week ago. ...
Is He/She Cheating on You?
a year ago
Do you get the feeling that something is wrong? Your relationship isn't what it used to be but you're not sure what's wrong? Or maybe you have a feeling that bae is cheating but no proof to back it up...
6 Ways to Know You're About to be Ghosted
a year ago
The vanishing act that is known as ghosting is one of the downfalls of modern dating. What is ghosting? Ghosting is when you suddenly don't want to date the person that you are dating anymore and simp...