macy darcie

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4 days ago
"You're too young to know what love means, you don't know what it's like to be in love." That's all I was told when I met you at 10 years old. Maybe it was true, maybe I didn't know what love was, may...
To Whoever Loves Him Next
19 days ago
I need you to understand going into this how truly lucky you are. Lucky to have a man who makes you laugh, cry, and makes you look forward to doing life everyday. You will cry until you laugh and laug...
3 months ago
The last night of the year felt like the beginning of forever. Last night was a night that I needed, surrounding myself with amazing people, Laughter from every inch of the house. I was with my best f...
Mr. Almost
3 months ago
When I was little I thought love was about red roses and expensive dinners, but it’s not that at all. You taught me that love is sacrifice and compromise. It’s choosing each other everyday. It’s wakin...
To the Boy I Was Made to Love
7 months ago
To the boy I was made to love: I believe each soul was made to have a mate. I was made for no other reason than to love you. I was created with piercing eyes to drive you crazy and an energy to drive ...
Falling for a Friend
a year ago
I want to take all I love and press it like flowers in a book. I want to take all your insecurities and hang them to the fridge. I want to show you how proud I am of the person you are and who you are...