Madison Rheam

HACC student majoring in nursing, love blogging, cheer captain in high school, work out enthusiast, cat lover, iced latte addict

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12 Things to Do This Holiday Season
a month ago
Here's a list of some simple things you can do with your significant other/best friend this holiday season to really put you in the holly jolly Christmas spirit...
But Do You Feel Alive?
2 months ago
Growing up today is hard. Becoming an adult is even harder. The worst part is, though, if you think you're doing it right. Stop what you're doing (which is reading my blog—thanks!) and look around you...
Get Out
8 months ago
Don’t let anyone tell you that it’s okay. You do not deserve to be treated like an animal. You are independent. You have self worth. You deserve so much better. Do not let the abuse take away your lif...