Melanie Ernestina

An Afro-Latina that has a few things to say. 

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Bed Peace
3 months ago
There was something in his kiss that told me that it would be our last. It would be the last time that we lie in bed together like this, his hand on the smalls of my back, my head resting delicately on his chest, his heartbeat echoing in my right ear. He breathed calmly. I sometimes tried to match my breaths with his. I couldn’t. His tranquility was far from mine. “Please don’t let this be over,” I bargained with God. Throughout the night, even when knowing that the end was near, I slept almost ...
And Then Came the Storm
3 months ago
I opened the door to their apartment patio and immediately Al Green asked me, “How do you mend a broken heart?” Good question Al, I thought to myself. I honestly didn’t know. He sat in his usual chair. He had a usual drink, and he sucked on a usual cigarette that burned in his right hand. But when he turned his eyes to look at me, he wasn’t so usual. This was to be expected. But I guess you never quite know how to expect it. In his eyes, I could see a harshness that didn’t allude to danger. Inst...